Making casual clothing work in the office setting

Hello Hello!!  This is all about wardrobe maximization, I am going to share a few items that you would not expect to be able to wear in a business setting and how to make them work for you.  This is all about acknowledging what is making the piece of clothing casual and working to mitigate that with your other clothes.  I am going to show you a few ways that I did this.

The Casual Fancy T-Shirt


Now yes this is a nicer shirt than a graphic T-shirt but I would never recommend wearing a graphic T-shirt in a business casual setting.  So the fact that this is a little nicer then a regular T-shirt allows it to work in a business setting.  So what is stopping me from wearing this to work by itself?  Well first it is still a T-shirt and second the bottom of the shirt is just adds to the very T-shirt vibe.


Alright, so my fixes are first tuck the bottom of that shirt into a really great skirt, it does not have to be a super businessy skirt (this one is not) but adding the skirt some tights and a pair of heels really does take the casual away from the shirt.  If you still feel like the shirt you picked is too casual add a cardigan or blazer and that will take away the sleeves.

The Crop Top


First let’s state the obvious, this is a crop top and it is meant to show off your belly.  So you would not want to wear this just by itself to work (even on a casual day)  No one in the HR department wants to see your belly.

So my fixes – well you need to take away what makes it a crop top by tucking in the bottom.  So the skirt that you pair it with should be high waisted.  As well as the skirt’s waist band should be good so that the bottom of the shirt does not slip out.  That is the one tip I have, is to be careful with this shirt slipping out.  As well as be careful with skirts that have an eye hook on them.  Otherwise this shirt is pretty appropriate as long as you hide the fact that it is a crop top.

Waterfall Cardigan


So this one is not too hard but I do have a few that have some pretty bright patterns on them.  I love these cardigans because it is like wearing a blanket. I like wearing it under coats because it sticks out and looks cool.

So paired the cardigan with one of my most businessy dresses.  Doing this kind of evens each piece out and the outfit is a perfect business casual outfit with a flare of personality.  I belted the cardigan to keep it a little bit more under control.  Easy to remove the belt at your desk and get more of a blanket affect.

Let me know your thoughts.


New skirt

Hello hello!!! Is anyone out there looking for a great business casual skirt that is bold but can still work in your wardrobe?  I have found a great one and it’s on sale.  This skirt is similar to one I own and have been waiting to buy again.  When I ordered it the final price came out to $20, but it is a final sale so be careful with sizing.

So I just got this yesterday so I have only worn it once but I feel fine recommending it since it’s so similar to my favorite skirt.  It’s a really comfortable skirt and the button details on the side are really great to accentuate your figure.  The color is the reason I bought it, who doesn’t want to own a red pencil skirt.  It will make a big statement every time you wear it.

So the reason I was so willing to buy this online without trying it on was because I have a very similar skirt from Loft already.  The skirt was such a great deal that I was ok if it didn’t fit.  So my waist is 27″ and I do have a butt and thighs. I ordered a regular size 4 and it does fit well a little big around my waist but I’m ok with that.

Let me know your thoughts.


Work Pants

Ah yes work pants, yea they are not my favorite part of my wardrobe either.  But I decided to talk about them today well because I actually wore a pair of my work pants today.  To be very honest this is the first time I wore work pants to work in like 8/9 months, and it reminded me about all my opinions on them.

So first I will start off by saying that I really like this outfit and for me it was actually very comfortable for me to wear all day.  This outfit did a few things for me, the wide leg of the pants, the tucked in shirt and the booted heels I wore gave the effect of me having very long legs.  I felt much taller today then I have even when I wear heels.  I felt like a real woman boss today while I attended meetings (for the record I was not running meetings), this outfit just made me feel powerful.  The outfit just gave me such confidence, I walked tall all day.

Now my opinions on work pants-  I am super picky when I am looking for work pants and I have requirements for me to even try them on.  First and fore most I do not want my pants to be tight, I do not want to be wearing skinny jeans as business pants I just do not feel this is professional.  Women out there I am sure you are aware this is actually a really hard requirement.  Secondly, I will not buy any pants that do not have real pockets, either in front or in back, this is an annoyance to me.  These are pants and pants should have pockets but many women’s work pants will put stitching on like there are pockets but there are none.

The pair I am wearing are probably the best work pants I have ever owned, they have great front pockets and are lose from the thigh down.  I have tried very hard to find this exact pair again but have never found them, tried at numerous stores and online.  I wish I had some recommendations for you on this but as I don’t wear them very often I have not shopped for them in a long time.

This outfit

Do you ever walk down the street and know you look good?  I don’t mean that in a conceded way, its just that sometimes I wear an outfit that I feel amazing in when I walk down the street.  It just gives me that extra confidence and starts my day off right.  Today I wore one of those outfits, I didn’t even realize it at first, but when I walked into work I just felt good.

So this is the outfit that made me feel so confident


I felt the most confident when I was leaving work (may have had something to do with it), but when I was walking home, I had my trench coat open and sunglasses on and I just felt great.  I love walking around the city with my trench coat unbuttoned and open so you can peak at the outfit underneath.  It just has a very chic vibe to me.  The trench paired with my tight work dress and knee high boots somehow worked when I was walking.  (I admit I glanced at myself in windows)  I even thought my knees looked good when I saw them, first time I have ever said that.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the outfit that I wore at work today.  I didn’t wear the boots in the office because I thought it would be odd to just have my knees as the only skin showing.  So I only wore the boots walking to/ from work so that they would keep my calves warm and changed into some flats at my desk.


This is the outfit I wore at work and it is more of your typical business casual. Sometimes in the middle of winter I will wear this dress with tights and boots all day.  But as of today it is still a little bit warm out to wear tights and boots all day.

Confidence is key to rocking any outfit, remember that.  If you think you look good, rock it with your head held high.

Let me know your thoughts.


Foundation Pieces- women’s work attire

Hello People!  So these last few weeks I have been thinking about what makes my work wardrobe work?  So I thought about the pieces of clothing that I wear most often and allow me the freedom in my work wardrobe.  They are a starting point that you can build off of with other pieces and they elevate the wardrobe.  They can all be paired with a lot of different tops and accessories to be worn to work.  These are the articles of clothing that I would not be able to function without.

Pencil skirt-

A women’s work wardrobe would not be complete without a pencil skirt.  As you guys know I own a few of these and I wear at least one of them once a week. I love my pencil skirts because they can be paired with so many different tops, both expensive and cheap, and make them very work appropriate.  I highly recommend investing in a really great pencil skirt.  Now I know pencil skirts how can they be comfortable, well it will not be easy but you do have to spend some time looking for the correct one.

Now when trying to find this perfect skirt be sure to test it out when you are in the store.  Don’t just walk around in the skirt, sit in, do some squats in it, try bending and snapping in it.  Might seem ridiculous but you are testing out your mobility in the skirt.  Trust me you want to be able to move in the skirt, because this will mean if you sit at a desk all day (like me) there will be more breathing room on your stomach.   I have had a lot of success at Ann Taylor Loft, I am not going to link any because I do think you need to try them on.  Not all pencil skirts are made equal.

A non-pencil skirt-

Now I think this skirt is necessary to have as an solid alternative to the pencil skirt.  Typically I would recommend this skirt be in a more fit and flare style just as a change up so you don’t have too many tight skirts.  I actually wear a lot of skirts that fit into this category but this one is the most versatile.  I think this is a necessary piece because it allows for more versatility.  As well as this type of skirt will also elevate any type of shirt to be work appropriate.  As an added bonus, Pockets!

This type of skirt is a little easier to buy, I would be much more likely to order this online then a pencil skirt.  All you really need to know is your waist measurement.  I got the best advice from an Etsy seller, measure the waist of your favorite skirt currently and order off that measurement.  This skirt is currently unavailable but its from Modcloth and they have a great selection of this type of skirt.  I found this one you would just need to remove the suspenders.

Classic/ versatile work dress-

Ahh the classic work dress that is simple and plan and clean.  I know I know, how boring?  I had the same thoughts about this exact dress when I got it.  My mom bought this for me when I got my job in the real world and for people who know me that was like a few years ago.  When my mom showed me this dress when we were shopping all I thought was how boring and that I would never wear that, but my mom really wanted to buy it for me so I let her.  I doubt I wore this in the first year I had it, but then I started to break it out of the closet and loved it.

Since it is kind of plain and simple, it can be paired with so many things.  I typically wear this with larger jewelry and a belt, in the winter I will pair it with a cardigan.  I would recommend everyone own one of these dress because it is so easy to throw on when you wake up late.  This dress is from Old Navy and I have had it for awhile, I did look and there are similar dresses here and here.

Let me know your thoughts and if you want any advice.