Reebok Workout Pants

Hello Hello!!  I just wanted to take a minute and rave about my favorite workout pants.  It is not even a specific pair, it is just Reebok workout pants in general.  In my opinion they are the best.  I workout everyday, I do some cardio, some circuit, and I love Barre classes.  So I do a little bit of everything in a given week of working out.

I absolutely love my Reebok workout pants, I must own like 6 pairs of them.  If I get a coupon code I am very likely to use it because I love them and I will use them all the time.

Why do I love them?  First, they are not see through, if you are a girl you know what I am talking about.  Whenever I am working out and doing squats it is my top concern if you can see through the workout pants.  Second, the cut of the pants, most of the pants that I buy are high-waisted.  I love this, I never have to worry about keeping them up.   Next, they are all speedwick so they move the sweat away from your body.  Lastly, the style of these pants are great, they are unique and cool so I love to wear them.

So my favorite pair are the ones on the right, Mest Moves Tights, they are no longer available but I love them so much I bought two last year.  The Middle purple ones I really like the style and mesh inserts on these, also bought these last year and they are not available any more.  The ones on the left are new and so amazing I am thinking about buying a second pair.  These Lux Tights are so amazing, they are so soft and so comfortable I would love to wear them all the time.  I highly recommend these pants or literally almost any workout pants by Reebok.

To help you figure out what size, they do tend to run large.  I typically wear a size small, 4 in pants (US) or my Levi jean size is 26.  But in Reebok workout pants I buy x-smalls and have never had to send any back.

Let me know your thoughts,


Dance Mesh Tights

Hello Hello!!  Now we all know I love Reebok workout pants, I personally think they are the best and at the most reasonably price. I said in my last post about workout pants that if they made them in more colors I would buy them.  Well here I am talking about a similar pair of tights in a purple color.

Reebok has made these dance mesh tights in a purple color.


So I did a barre workout and a cardio workout in these to test them out and get a feel for how much I like them.  To be very honest, I do not like them as much as I like other mesh moves tights that Reebok makes (seriously make those in more colors).  So these are a little odd, they are tight all the way up my legs which is fine, but the waist is is a little lose.  When I was doing the barre workout I had to pull them up more then I wanted to.  During the cardio workout they did stay on me but I was sweatier so they may have lead too that.

Now with all that being said I still do like me, I love the mesh cutouts in the legs.  If all my workout pants could have some mesh cutouts I would love it.  So these pants workout well for me and look good on my legs. I will say that you should be careful with your sizing, I typically wear XS in Reebok and that is the size I have in the other mesh moves tights.  But they are tight on the legs, so I would recommend buying 2 sizes and once and returning the ones that don’t fit.

Let me know your thoughts


These workout pants are amazing

Hello Hello Hello! I don’t know about you guys but I workout all the time. Workout pants that are great for a workout, comfortable and fit well are hard to find.  I really like workout pants with a thick waist band (to avoid getting love handles), high-waisted (to avoid love handles again), fabric that will wick sweat away, and if long pants I love mesh inserts.

Workout clothing is so expensive, Nike, Adidas and Under Armour will all set you back a pretty penny for a good pair of work out pants.  I have found a workout pants from a brand that I really like and can find great deals on, Reebok.

Eeek!! These pants make me so happy! I was having a really bad day today and these were delivered and changed my mood around.  These pants are so comfortable and I love the mesh inserts.  Now I would have recommended them without even working out in them but thought I should at least try them out at the activity they were meant for. I loved them so much that I wore long black pants to the gym (which I walk to) on an 80 degree day, I really did not want to take them off.  They are so comfy and have so much stretch that I actually really like to wear them.   Recommendation to order a size down, these seem to run a little large, I usually wear a size small but bought an x-small.

Sorry some of them are dark against my hard-wood floors they are a navy blue pant and a dark grey.  The ones on the right are the first Reebok pants I bought early last year at a Reebok outlet by my parents house and these pants convinced me to continue to try Reebok pants.  I love these pants they are my favorite pair of workout pants, especially in the summer.  I tried to find these pants so I could link them to you but I could not find them, nor a similar pair (feel free to look around the site).  The one of the left are here in black and middle here in a few colors.

I love them all, wear them all and recommend them all.  They are all more reasonably priced then some of the other brands out there.  Happy working out (haha I realize oxymoron).

Seriously though those top black pants – amazing.  I would buy them in more colors if they were available.