Packing for Vacation

Hello Hello!! Finally going on my first vacation of the year and I am pretty pumped about it.  I have spent way too much time in the office and need to get out.  I have been looking forward to this since I bought the tickets.

A few friends and I are getting together later this week and going to the beach.  I am so excited for the beach, I have lofty goals of sitting on the beach and doing nothing for the time I am there.  So I have been looking through my closet thinking about what I need to pack.

Packing up my cute summer skirts, fun summery shorts and obviously my casual romper.  Also my like 5 swimsuits because you need variety when you are going to go relax on the beach.

I am going to be packing over the next few days and then hopefully will updated you with some vacation beach pictures.

Let me know your thoughts


Is it summer yet?

Hello hello!! Finally we have strung together a few days of consistently 70 degree weather and I am ready for summer.  So much so that I am breaking out my summer going out clothes.  I am excited about the tank tops, lace shirts and light shirts, and wearing them out without a jacket.

Yes I was a little lazy this weekend and went with flats most days but in my defense this is the first time I can wear sandals so I am also really pumped for that as well.  I didn’t fully commit to the all summer feel since I didn’t bring out my shorts/ summer dresses/ rompers, but it just felt way to early for that.  So this weekend I stuck with jeans and my fun tops.  The grey one I have had forever, it is hard to describe but it has these small holes all over so it is like lace.  Of course the all over lace shirt I bought in the fall I am dying to wear it in the summer.  Then my classic chill tank top that I wear all the time in the summer.

I can feel it, lace shirts are going to be my thing this summer.  I have this one and I bought like 3 more, I don’t envision myself stopping.

Let me know your thoughts


Lace crop tops

Hello Hello!! I know I am probably pretty late to the crop top party but apparently I am self-conscious about my belly.   Even though it took me awhile to come around but I have found a type of crop top that I will wear and actually looks good. (And apparently it is a trend that I am going to be all about this summer since I have bought 3).

Here is probably my favorite, and the only one I have worn since the weather finally came around.

So why do I love this crop top?  Well to start off it is lace, I love lace almost anything.  When I saw this crop top the lace was the reason I even looked at it.  The clincher was the back details you can see below.  Why does this cop top work for me?  It has to do with the top being lose and a little long for a crop top.  The top being loss around the bottom really works for me.  When the top is paired with high-waisted pants or skirt, it really highlights how small my waist is.

My one problem with the above outfit is that I do not think my pants are high enough.  I find it weird that my belly button just sort of pops out from the pants.  I am on the look out for high-waisted pants that will work.  Right now I have a skirt to wear it with when it is warmer and I have some shorts it will look good with.

The back.


Let me know your thoughts,


Can I Wear a Romper?

Or as I like to call it a onsie. Haha I just find it more funny to use the term onsie.

Yes yes I know, when the romper trend first started I was like, I am never going to get on this trend.  Just the bathroom question alone was reason enough for me to stay away.  As well as there is a certain body type that can wear a romper and I for the most part do not think I have that body type.  So am I giving in? I will answer with kind of, I did buy one but don’t know yet if it will be a staple of my summer wardrobe.

Any ways to the question at hand, can I wear a romper?  Now typically a romper looks really good on a woman who is tall and slender and does not have many curves.  That limits to basically a model.  Which leaves a lot of people who should not wear this, including me, but it is a big trend.  So for me when I was looking I thought about which ones were a similar style as to how I would style my shorts and a tank top.  So for me I wear tank tops that are tucked into shorts that are flowy and have an elastic waist.  (If you want to see what that looks like I blogged about it here)

I found this romper, for $13 right now and thought I would give it a try.

Why this one works for me?  It has this elastic band that sits right at my natural waist so it is highlighting my smallest point.  This also is really like the shorts and tanks that I wear in the summer.  This romper in particular is great because the fabric is 100% cotton which just makes it super soft.  The other feature I like is the back, which I apologize is not picture, but it scoops low in the back.  I love outfits that show off my back, this one in particular is really nice because it scoops to just where your bra sits so you can still wear one.  My one critique is I wish it came in black with white stripes because I feel like I would wear that more.  The bathroom issue is still there you do have to take it all off but this is a casual romper not a going out romper so not as big of an issue.

In conclusion if I bought another romper I would pick one that has lose shorts on the bottom, for me that just looks better, as well as sits around my natural waist.


Who needs a great summer skirt?

Hello world!!  I have been looking for a summer skirt for a couple of weeks and just was not finding exactly what I was looking for.  Then I was randomly at the mall the other day returning an online purchase and I meandered into H&M.  I was just going to take a quick look around see if anything caught my eye.  I found this amazing skirt for only $13.

I saw it and was like I need to have this skirt just based on the color alone, its this really great light green that is perfect for summer.  It has a chiffon maxi skirt over top of a short under skirt and two high slits on the side.   I bought it and just wanted to wear it out immediately, so obviously I wore it when I went out with my friends that night. I paired it with my favorite bralette and a brown belt to highlight my waist.   I got a lot of compliments on the skirt and a lot of people thought it was a dress, which I love because it means my outfit went together exceptionally well.

This skirt would also work really well with white shirts, actually one of the reasons I bought it was to wear it with my white tank tops.  If you are looking for a solid shirt to pair with your crop tops I would recommend this one.  I love it and cannot wait to wear it again.

Note that the link does not show this color, I tried to find this exact one on the website but I could not.  I would go to H&M because they also had this skirt not only in the above color but also in an amazing bright blue color I almost bought as well.  Also I looked for that exact bralette but could not find it, I did find similar ones to it like this one and this one.

A few things I do not like about the skirt, but am going to live with are…

  1. The waist band is just an elastic band which makes the skirt look cheaper.  My fix for this is to tuck that band into the skirt so that no one see it.
  2. The underskirt  does rise up (you were warned) but this is not as noticeable with the chiffon long skirt.

The key to travel clothing is comfort

Hello Hello Hello!  I mean what else am I going to do when stuck at the airport besides blog about travel clothes?  The best tips for travel attire to make packing easier and less stressful are to wear your bulkiest clothes or something that you don’t want to get wrinkled.  Beyond that I always want to be comfortable when I travel, you are either going to be stuck in a car driving, a cramped airplane seat or on a train.  None of these are the most enjoyable options so might as well wear clothes that are comfortable.  Me personally I also want to look put together when traveling, never know who you could meet in an airport.  (Although I would never wear high heels traveling that seems like way too much effort for me).

Today I went straight to the airport from work in order to catch my flight so I had balance work appropriate clothing with my desire for comfort.  I went for jeans, because they are the bulkiest item I would be traveling with (jean take up way too much space in a suitcase).  These are my light jeans that I roll into capris and I have broken them in to the point they are comfortable and stretchy, I’m currently sitting cross legged in an airport chair with no issues.  I do wear leggings to travel sometimes but its summer so I don’t need them and they are easy to pack in luggage.

My shirt I am all about that loose shirt that kind of just flows, this is my favorite since it has the amazing shear back.  Which in reality also acts as a vent when it is hot in the airport or on the plane or it’s summer and just hot outside. The style and fabric of this shirt is perfect for travel for to reasons.  First the fabric is soft and does not show wrinkles as well as it is long in the back so it will cover your butt.  I got this shirt from stitch fix and have looked for similar ones I found this and this.

Blazer served a dual purpose, first I didn’t want it to wrinkle in my bag because I needed it for something important.  Second purpose is that I did not feel like wearing an undershirt with the top so it served to cover up my back since the shirt had a shear back. I love this professor blazer, its one of my favorites.  I got it at H&M years ago but I found this one that appears to be similar.

Shoes- Toms, I always try to travel in these especially when flying because you have to take off them for security.  Easily slip them on and then back off.



My Forever21 Shopping Spree

Hello World!    I know this seems like an oxymoron but hey what can you do…

So Forever21, I shopped here all the time in high school and college and found some great items but then I graduated and became a young professional.  I thought that I needed to graduate my wardrobe to higher quality clothes/ stores now that I was working.  (Also Forever21 stores kind of make me claustrophobic).  I always had the thought that as a business professional now, I should pick more professional places to shop and that I was too old for Forever21.


Then recently I have found some great items for my wardrobe there at some cheap prices.  So yea I went on a Forever21 shopping spree which is easier on my wallet since I only spent like $30.  I also shopped online to avoid the store all together.

Here are my purchases- there was a huge sale on the 4th so I really looked for casual summer clothes to add to my closet.  (Please excuse the wrinkles I just got them in the mail).  I am most excited about this blue dress, it was basically the reason I shopped on the site and looked for other clothes.  It is exactly my style, kind of lose all over except for the elastic right at the waist.  With the style of the dress it is more casual and I am excited to wear this.  Be sure to keep an eye out I will wear this soon and will post pictures.

After I put this in my cart I decided to look and see if there was anything else I liked that was on sale since I could get free shipping at $30.  I found this red dress, which has these straps on top that cross and is lose which piqued my interest.  And after a debate I was like sure, I can buy it at that price, I am sure I will wear it.  Now  I was really close to free shipping and I was now determined to get it.  So I meandered around the site and found this crop top, which has a front detail that is open and crisscrossing fabric down the front.  After no debate I added it to my cart and was good to go with my free shipping.

I have now gone back to using Forever21 to furnish my casual wardrobe, I am aware that these are not the best quality but I am ok with that.  And I still have a few pieces from back in the day that I still wear so sometimes the last.  I am excited about my summer additions and will be wearing them soon.  Close ups of the details on the red dress and crop top.

  • note all these are on sale
  • the blue dress has pockets.
  • And I will continue to check back to Forever21 online when looking for a trendy outfit- so I don’t need to spend a lot for a trend that may only be this season.