Travel Outfits

Hello Hello!! Sorry again for the delay, phone was broke for awhile so I couldn’t take any pics or write anything.  I did want to blog but I would have done it on my work computer and that seemed like a bad idea.  Any ways I want to talk about travel outfits.

Yes this outfit was really comfortable, I cannot tell you how easy it was to travel in this outfit.  I want to start out with how great this cargo jacket is to travel in.  The amount of pockets this has and how big they were are perfect.  I loved that they were the perfect size for my phone and I never worried where it was.  This coat is rapidly becoming my favorite because it is so easy.

The workout pants are amazing to travel in, I don’t typically like to travel in them because they do not have pockets but I just got these.  They were stylish and comfortable, I got compliments on them all day, a lot of women were interested in where I got them.  The mesh details on the pants just made this pants so fun.

Then I finished off the outfit with a very lose top and a lose cardigan, I actually only wore the cardigan because I saw it on my way out and I was like I think that needs to come with me.  So I just slipped it on and walked out the door.

Let me know your thoughts


Vacation style

Hello hello!!  Sorry for the long delay in posting I’ve been meaning to post but I was on vacation then I was moving and it’s been stressful.  Now it’s all done and I’m back, the no internet thing is a drag but it’s getting fixed soon.  

I wanted to share with you my favorite outfits from my vacation.  It was much hotter in Florida then where I’ve been so I was able to break out all my summer flowy outfits.

I loved wearing my prints together in the top pic.  I think of that elephant cardigan as a basic that can be mixed with anything because it’s black and white and the pattern isn’t obnoxious.  So I wore it with those tropical patterned shorts and it looked great.

The blue/ gray dress in the next photo was by far the most comfortable dress I wore the entire vacation.  It’s really soft and lose and will kind of billow in the wind.  Which if allowed to the wind will blow it up so be careful.  I like to belt the dress because it creates a waist for me, but I would also wear it with out one because it would just be so comfortable.

Then obviously a swimsuit, this is a Victoria secret suit that I love. I makes me a little but mad that they stopped making suits.  And yes that still have pink suits but they are not the same, ask any one who owns the real thing.

Let me know your thoughts


New skirt

Hello hello!!! Is anyone out there looking for a great business casual skirt that is bold but can still work in your wardrobe?  I have found a great one and it’s on sale.  This skirt is similar to one I own and have been waiting to buy again.  When I ordered it the final price came out to $20, but it is a final sale so be careful with sizing.

So I just got this yesterday so I have only worn it once but I feel fine recommending it since it’s so similar to my favorite skirt.  It’s a really comfortable skirt and the button details on the side are really great to accentuate your figure.  The color is the reason I bought it, who doesn’t want to own a red pencil skirt.  It will make a big statement every time you wear it.

So the reason I was so willing to buy this online without trying it on was because I have a very similar skirt from Loft already.  The skirt was such a great deal that I was ok if it didn’t fit.  So my waist is 27″ and I do have a butt and thighs. I ordered a regular size 4 and it does fit well a little big around my waist but I’m ok with that.

Let me know your thoughts.


Efficient and easy going out outfit

Hello hello!! I wanted to name this post how to get away with being the laziest person at the bar and no one noticing, then I remembered guys can just put on pants and no one questions them.

Anyways, this weekend I was having a chill night and somehow I was convinced to go out.  I didn’t want to spend a ton of time getting ready, so I went into my closet and looked for clothes that I could wear and it would look like I spent a lot of time getting ready.

This gets much easier in the summer/ spring when clothes are less bulky, but since we were down in the 50s that day I had to make do.  So I went for boots, jeans, and a pretty casual top. 

The reason this outfit really works and doesn’t look like it was just thrown on is due to the colored jeans, animal printed top and the leather jacket.  The colored jeans, I love to have these in my closet to mix in because she you wear them it’s unexpected and people tend to think you put more thought in rather then just throwing on regular jeans.  Animal printed tops are great if you don’t own one please buy one, I prefer zebra print. This one is actually a giraffe printed top, I got it years ago and it’s just been a great top that I can throw on.  As with the colored jeans most women don’t just throw on an animal printed top, so when you do it comes off as a statement.  (And it looks really great with the burgundy jeans).  Lastly, the leather jacket it’s just the toping on the outfit.  Finishes everything off and looks amazing.

This was my first time wearing the jacket and I could not be happier. This light grey color didn’t really match the grey of the boots which I will put as a slight critique but the jacket is amazing I couldn’t pass up wearing it.  It’s the blank NYC jacket, if you want the link I’ll get it but it was expensive.  Well worth the price in my opinion.

Let me know your thoughts.


Striped shirt

Hello hello!  In fashion there are all these rules, don’t wear this and don’t wear that because you’re short/plus-size/tall etc. At first I took these at face value because I assumed someone had been testing them out, now I seem to try them out more.

You shouldn’t wear horizontal stripes because they will make you look wider, which I guess is kind of true but I think it depends on the person and the shirt.  I don’t really own a lot of striped shirts but I wanted one.  I found this shirt on Amazon, of course, and decided to give stripes a try. It helped that on this adventure the shirt was only $15.

The shirt is long so as a short person I do have to tuck it in to make sure I look put together.  When I first got it I was like this shirt is so long I’ll never wear it.  Then a casual Friday came along and I was like I’m lazy what can I wear without an undershirt. At that point I loved it and now want to wear it all the time. 

I cannot say enough about this shirt. The cut and fit of it are amazing, yes it’s long but it’s not huge at the bottom so I am able to to tuck it in and still look good.  This is also one of these softest shirts I own so I am inclined to wear it all the time.

Let me know your thoughts,


Layering is key to winter travel

Hello world!! Winter weather has finally  arrived and cold weather has set in (at least where I am from it has).  So holidays are coming and travel plans have been made, I am currently traveling home for Thanksgiving.  Winter travel outfits are all about layering, and takes a bit more strategy.

My strategy is all about wearing my bulkiest clothing on the flight instead of packing them.  So usually what I do is go into my closet and get all the clothes I want to bring home and as I start packing I will separate my bulkier clothes.  So usually I am always wearing a pair of jeans and then it will be paired with one of my sweaters and obviously a pair of boots (boots are the worst to pack).

So traveling yesterday obviously the staples of my winter traveling- jeans and knee high boots.  I wore this with a grey sweater and a white fuzzy vest, both of these would have been really hard to pack.  If I didn’t wear the vest I probably would not have brought it home, the bags were pretty full.  This vest adds additional warmth, especially on my flights which no matter what season it is I am always cold on my flights.

I love this outfit because it is really comfortable and very functional.  This allows me to bring home some additional clothing options without needing to pack them.  The vest just makes me so happy because it is so fuzzy and it is like wearing a blanket.

All Over Lace Shirt

Hello World!  I have been looking for an all over lace top for a long time.  Over the summer I was looking for a white one but never found one that I really liked.  Last month I found an amazing all over lace shirt in burgundy (has been previously posted in the blog).  I wanted to share how I styled it for a few occasions.

Going out-

Ever since I bought this top I have been wanting to wear this shirt out without an undershirt.  I am so excited about who well this looked over the weekend.  I did have a long debate about what bra would be best to wear.  I didn’t want to wear just a normal bra, so I went through and tried my bralette but that goes down too far on my stomach so it looked weird.  After that I pulled out this boned demi bra that is wider then an average bra but still shows my stomach.  I think the affect was really cool and worked out exactly like I wanted it to. I paired it with dark wash jeans, nude heels and my black leather moto jacket.

Now this outfit really works for me because I am proud of my stomach and I have confidence wearing this outfit and showing it off.  I would not recommend this as an outfit everyone should/ can wear, but if you are proud of your stomach try it.  It felt very empowering and I walked around very confidently that night.


This is how I have mostly worn the shirt, with a black under shirt, light wash jeans and a pair of boots.  This gives off a very fall vibe and will work for going out with friends as well as on a casual day at work.  I really love this outfit and as you have probably seen I wear it often.  Something I have had a hard time showing when I wear this is the back.  The only part of the back that is together is where the zipper is so the lower back is very open.

This is a great outfit that I think a lot more people will be able to wear, it does cover your stomach and back, which most women want covered.  It also allows you to go more places, only so many places you can in the going out outfit.

Let me know your thoughts,