Ugly Holiday Sweater

Hello Hello!!  So who does not enjoy a solid ugly christmas sweater?  I have owned mine since college and for whatever reason I just have never given it up.  This sweater has been with me through 3 moves.  This sweater gets at least one wear a year and maybe more depending on the parties I am invited too but I am happy to carry it through for this one wear a year.


I love this sweater, it has so much going on and it is amazing.  It has the reindeer just chilling at the bottom with what looks like googlie eyes.  What you cannot see is that there is another reindeer on the back so from behind there are still details.  The other really great detail is on the zipper there is a mistletoe, like who made this and was like yea let me put a mistletoe on the zipper.  Haha.

My only complaint about the sweater is its length is weirdly short, like it goes right to the top of my jeans but no further.  So usually I have to get a little creative with what to wear underneath that does not look stupid.  I have this really great white button up and I put it on  underneath and it turned out better than I thought.

Let me know your thoughts.


Thanksgiving Outfit

Hello hello!!  So it is Thanksgiving time again, now I am going to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love it!! There is no real pressure to get the present perfect just sitting with your family and eating food.

Now when I was trying to figure out what to wear I’ve thought about what I wore in the past and what I liked.  Last year I wore a shift dress and some tights.  It felt a little bit fancier then what my family usually wears but I loved it.  The outfit allowed me not to wear pants so I didn’t have a waistband constricting my ability to eat.

So this year I wanted to wear another comfy outfit.  Problem was that I didn’t want to buy a new dress and the only dress that really fit the bill was the one I wore last year.  I didn’t want to wear that again so this is what I went with.

I paired my brown sidewalk skirt with a stripped long sleeve t-shirt.  Both the shirt and the skirt are supper comfortable, but they both look really nice and that’s key.  I can wear the skirt but since the waistband doesn’t dig in it won’t constrict my ability to eat.  I added the tights because I’m in Wisconsin and it’s currently cold here.  To make the outfit a little fancier I added this sparkly statement necklace.  I finished the look with a pair of booties.

So I can be comfortable and still look out together for the holiday.

Let me know your thoughts