Thanksgiving Outfit

Hello hello!!  So it is Thanksgiving time again, now I am going to say Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.  I love it!! There is no real pressure to get the present perfect just sitting with your family and eating food.

Now when I was trying to figure out what to wear I’ve thought about what I wore in the past and what I liked.  Last year I wore a shift dress and some tights.  It felt a little bit fancier then what my family usually wears but I loved it.  The outfit allowed me not to wear pants so I didn’t have a waistband constricting my ability to eat.

So this year I wanted to wear another comfy outfit.  Problem was that I didn’t want to buy a new dress and the only dress that really fit the bill was the one I wore last year.  I didn’t want to wear that again so this is what I went with.

I paired my brown sidewalk skirt with a stripped long sleeve t-shirt.  Both the shirt and the skirt are supper comfortable, but they both look really nice and that’s key.  I can wear the skirt but since the waistband doesn’t dig in it won’t constrict my ability to eat.  I added the tights because I’m in Wisconsin and it’s currently cold here.  To make the outfit a little fancier I added this sparkly statement necklace.  I finished the look with a pair of booties.

So I can be comfortable and still look out together for the holiday.

Let me know your thoughts


Over The Knee Boots

Hello World!  Now this is not going to be like my normal posts and I apologize but I am annoyed with the fashion industry and their standards of ridiculously small.

I have wanted over the knee boots since I was in high school and I promised myself that when I bought them they would be great boots worthy of their price tag.  So finally in the real world I have some extra money to buy a great pair of these boots and make myself super excited.  I saw a style that I wanted and started to look online, I measured my calf because that is a big deal, and found the ones I thought would be best.  (For the record mine is 15 1/2″ which I like to think is average).

I bought these boots from Sole Society and I was so excited – I raced home over lunch to try them on and that excitement lasted until I tried them on.  They would not fit over my calves, my mood nose- dived so fast, I could have sworn I checked into this.  I went on their website and weirdly they do not list the calf circumference they will fit around, on boots who does that?  So then I was really annoyed and realized they do not list that on any of their boots and when I send them back they charge me for shipping, (are you kidding me?)

So this started me on the journey that got me to really annoyed.  I immediately started looking for another pair of boots and paid special attention to what calves they will fit over.  So I checked out some normal shoes places- DSW, Zappos – and realized most boots only fit up to a 15″ calf and some their large calf selection were up to 15″.  What if you are wearing jeans?  How tiny of a calf do you need in order to be able to wear these boots?

Then I switched to looking at the websites for my favorite shoes and looking at their over the knee boot selection.  This brought me to Kristen Cavallari by Chinese Laundry and my tag question.  The boots that Kristen Cavallari designed have a maximum circumference of 13″, are you kidding me?  Kristen, do you even have 13″ calves?  And this brought me to the point of super annoyed and I had to stop.

I am not calling out any woman who has 13″ calves and can wear these boots, more power to you.  I am very jealous you are able to wear these boots and I am stuck here with my calves that all of a sudden the industry has made me think are extra large.  I just work out and my calves reflect that and I just want a pair of boots that will pull over my athletic calves.

Sorry about the rant, I posted because I figured a lot of people could relate.  I will have updates because I am still looking for a great pair of over the knee boots, I cannot disappoint my high school self.


Fall Fashion- waterfall vests

What What? Waterfall vests!! I bought one last fall and didn’t wear it too much even though I really wanted to.  But guess what, they are still in style this fall so there is time to wear my vests.  Both of mine are fur lined and make me feel fancy when I wear them, as well as I end up rubbing the vests because they are so soft.  Now how do you style them without over powering your frame?  I am a short person so this is a concern for me.

Wear open- the first two are the most common way I have worn them.  The vest works out best when paired with shirts/ sweaters with long sleeves, as I have worn above with a light sweatshirt and a plaid 3/4 length sleeve.  This is a really great piece to layer with especially in fall when the weather can be a little bipolar, 40s in the morning and 70s in the afternoon.  These vests are warm but not overly hot as they do not have sleeves so they work in the morning to keep you warm but also in the evening you don’t sweat through your clothes.

Wear partially closed- the one on the right is worn partially closed to give you back your waist.  In this type of vest it is very easy to lose your waist and you can end up looking bigger.  In this one I used a pearl earring to use as a closure for the black vest, this worked better then expected as a closure.  I have also worn with a fancy belt and a dress for a great going out look, I just forgot to take a pic, sorry!

I have also worn the white vest as an accessory of sorts with my trench coat, I loved wearing it with the trench because it elevated the coat.  Adding the vest below made my ordinary trench coat look like a fantastic fur lined winter coat.


Let me know your thoughts,


My week of Style Freedom

Hey hey hey!  This week has been great, a full week where I can fully be myself in my wardrobe at work, so basically casual ALL week.  Don’t get me wrong I love my work wardrobe I think I have amazing work clothes to wear. I just love when I can wear casual all week.  I know you guys agree being able to be casual and wear all my favorite clothes in a week instead of spacing them out for casual Fridays or working a few pieces in with my more work appropriate wear.

Anyways I thought I would show you my week of freedom at work that I am so excited about. This will be like a tour through my boot collection, as it is the fall.   As a note my work is pretty liberal about casual days so I can wear skinny jeans, which I love since I don’t own any other jeans.


Ah Monday, probably the worst day of the week, so I decided to start off the week with a bang.  I wore my new burgundy pants with this amazing animal printed shirt.  Then  I added one of my current favorite blazers to add a more business feel to the outfit.  Finished off with my trench coat, which looks great with almost anything.



I love this lace shirt and will take any opportunity I can too wear it.  This is one of my favorite outfits right now for the fall.  I love this lace shirt paired with jeans and my newest booties for a very fall look.  I pair the shirt with the lighter jeans to make the lace shirt stand out.


This was probably my favorite outfit I wore this week.  It kind of turned into 3 different outfits, each was unique in its own way.  I went with my classic dark skinny jeans and a pair of knee high grey boots that have a hidden heal.  I then added a plaid shirt, which I did not think I would be wearing a plaid shirt but I tried this one on and it fit great and looked amazing.  I added this great white vest that makes the plaid shirt less country, the inside is so fuzzy and feels so luxurious.  When I left for work I put on my trench coat and then pulled the vest partially through the front and it made this amazing outfit.  I loved how the white furry part of the vest made the trench coat look ultra luxurious.


This outfit is so much my style, black skinny jeans, knee high brown boots, a v-neck shirt that goes long and paired with this blanket cardigan.  I love wearing long t-shirts that will cover my butt when I wear skinny jeans, just sometimes I want some more coverage.  I love this cardigan, its so big and warm and has a great pattern on it, I can wear it with so many different outfits.  (As a side note I love these boots and will wear them all the time but they are super insulated and warm so some days I cannot wear them all day).



I had the hardest time dressing on Friday, I did not really know what to wear.  This was probably because I had way too much freedom the entire week that I struggled through the last day.  I wore my most comfortable pair of jeans and then kind of went into my closet looking for a work appropriate top that I could wear.  I found this top that I have not worn in like a year that I was like lets wear this.  Looking at it now I went for a dark navy look and paired with my fringe boots, wearing them for the first time this year.

img_20161014_174928_editedAll in all I love casual days and would like to have more of them but I get why work cannot let you run around the office in whatever you want.  Now technically it was not complete freedom in my wardrobe because I could not wear whatever I want.  I wore the outfit I have been dying to wear in a long time to dinner with friends.  I have been wanting to wear the leather jacket and v-neck shirt with the crosses straps in the front, so I decided to wear them both.  Paired with burgundy pants and my new pair of boots.

Let me know your thoughts



Another new pair of Booties

Hello World!  I know I realize that I have a shoe/ boot problem but I really cannot help myself.  Especially when I know I am going to wear them and as soon as I see them online I start planning outfits in my head.  So if I don’t buy the boots then I am never going to be able to wear these amazing outfits I already planned out in my head.  So obviously I bought them.


Ah these boots I have been looking for a brown/ tan bootie and just have not found one that I liked.  Then these came up on one of my favorite boutique sites and I had to have them.  I don’t technically have a pair exactly like these so I justified it.  I also live in the north so having another nice pair of boots is never a bad thing.

I have so many thoughts on how to wear them, wearing them with skinny jeans cuffed above the top, or with a pair of super skinny jeans tucked in.  These are also going to look great paired with a shift dress and some tights.  Here are some of the outfits I have paired them with since I got them.

Be on the look out for them in the near future I am sure I will be wearing them a bunch.

Let me know your thoughts,


Ahh Fall, time to bring out the coats

Hey hey hey! One great things about fall are the laying and coats that I now get to pull out of the closet and wear.  I love coats because they really complete the outfit and I think make you look very put together.  I am going to share the coats that I am so excited to pull out of my closet, and some that I have recently bought.

Trench Coat-

For the first year I worked my office job I did not really think I needed to have any professional coats.  I was just wearing my normal rain coat and going into work, which is fine just looks a little odd.  So last spring, I decided to look into getting a trench coat.  I did not one that looked ordinary or like half the world owned.  So I knew I did not want to get a trench coat in tan, too normal.  I found this trench, I bought it in navy because I see navy as a neutral color that is not as dark as black (although it is not available in navy).

img_20161009_173804_editedI love this coat, it looks so good buttoned up but also looks amazing when worn open.  This coat has great versatility in my wardrobe and can be worn with any color.  As seen in the picture on the left I have worn this was a green work dress and think it looks great.  I am so happy that I bought it in navy because navy works with so many colors but you can see see all the details.  You can see all the buttons around the waist as well as this has great pockets.  One of the best surprises I had when I got this was the inside liner is so awesome.  It has this great cream background, and the outlines of high heels, tall boots, purses, hearts and clutches on the inside.  This is by far my favorite liner of any coat I have ever owned.

Leather Jackets-

I have always wanted a leather coat they are just so expensive in real life and I have never been able to afford it.  Recently I came into some extra money and I decided to spend some of it on a leather coat.  Now I actually did not want either of these but the one I wanted was sold out so I looked around.  I could not decide between the above and my friends were no help, they were fairly evenly divided between the two.  So I was leaning toward the burgundy but my issue was how long will this color be in style?  Obviously I have this fall but I want more usage then just one season.  So my second option was this black moto one (sorry currently appears to be sold out, will link if it comes back), that has more of a classic leather coat feel.

img_20160923_194623_editedMoral of the story I bought both and I am really happy about it.  They are very different leather jackets, the red one is loser and less fitted while the black one is very fitted.  I sized up for both, black one because it was advised to and the red one because I want to wear sweaters underneath it.  Have not had a lot of opportunities to wear the leather jackets but I think they will be a great accent to my wardrobe.  I cannot wait to wear the black one when I go to the bars and I cannot wait to wear the burgundy one when I go out to dinner with friends (maybe a date but I’ll be real probably not haha).

I was waiting to do this post because I am still looking for a utility like coat but decided I wanted to get the post out there, if I happen to buy a utility coat I will blog about it then.  I have have not found one that I like and am willing to spend money on.

Anyways let me know your thoughts,


Burgundy- My favorite fall color

Hello World! I want to talk about what I think the color of the season is going to be (at least in my wardrobe).

I love the color burgundy!!  This is going to be a big color in my wardrobe this fall and I am so excited about it.  I have been buying this color like it is my job since the end of August.  This is a great color to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.  When I am transitioning to fall I tend to wear duller colors, like grey and black, so burgundy offers a rich alternative.  As well as it can be paired well with your grey and black fall wardrobe.

There has not been that much fall weather lately but here are some of my favorite outfits.

These pants and this lace shirt are the burgundy pieces that I am most excited about in my wardrobe.  These pants are going to be great working into my boots and sweater wardrobe and they will add that subtle pop of color with the dark red.  This lace top is amazing, it is lose and there is a zipper back detail so the lower back is open.  This shirt is just up my ally with the lace and open back, I cannot wait to wear it out (the above was worn on a casual day at work).  I bought both these pieces randomly so I do not have links to them.

These were the first burgundy clothes I bought this season.  I love this jacket, it will be a great pop of color when I am just wearing dull colors.  I have actually been trying to buy more clothes specifically to wear under the jacket.  This jacket is one of the reasons I am a little excited for some fall weather.  This dress, I have been looking for a long sleeve dress, I was going to buy in a different color but was drawn to the burgundy.  I am looking forward to wearing it with some tights to work or a family function.  It has pockets and we all know how much of a fan I am of pockets, see previous post.

As you can see these all pair pretty seamlessly with my blacks and grey clothes the populate the warmer part of my wardrobe.  I will keep you updated on any burgundy buys as well as any other colors that I am loving.  I think olive/ dark green will be another great color that can be used in the same way I am using burgundy.