Rachel Zoe Winter Box of Style Review

Hello Hello!!  Now I am going to be very honest that this box was not shipped very quickly so I was really annoyed that it barely came in time for the new year.  With that in mind I want to talk about the winter box.  Now I debate cancelling my subscription for this every time it comes up because it is a lot of money.  It is $99 for each season, which I can do but I always think it is a lot of money.


The winter 2017 RZ box of style is by far the best one I have gotten, it is my favorite.  I opened it and unwrapped everything and was just super excited about what Rachel Zoe picked.  I couldn’t wait to wear the accessories.

So what did Rachel Zoe send?  She sent a box clutch (I chose marble print), House of Harlow earrings (Yes Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow), faux fur scarf, liquid eyeliner pen, essential hydrating oil, and a planner.  (I am least excited about the planner, mostly because I use my phone but maybe it will force me to write things down more.

Box clutch

Ahh!! I love it!!  This is great, you could pick it in the marble with gold accents to black with silver accents.  Both were really amazing and I would not have minded either but I like gold more than silver right now so that is the one I picked.  This clutch is big enough for your credit cards, phone and any other essentials.  I also love that it comes with a cross body strap, so it is very convenient to carry when out.


They are gold and skarlie and they dangle.  They frame your face so well.  These earrings are just so amazing, they can literally go with anything.  In the pic on the left I am just wearing them with a sweatshirt and they feel amazing.  The one downside is that they are a little heavy, but since I wear them out I am not too concerned about that.

In the words of Rachel Zoe from the unboxing video “No one is going to punish you for being glamorous.”   You tell it Rachel Zoe.

Faux Fur Scarf


This scarf makes me feel so fancy and put together when I go out in the winter.  I am not normally a scarf person, I for the most part only wear them in the winter and think they get in the way the rest of the time.  This scarf is great, it is warm and a perfect length. Long enough to be beneficial but not too long to be in the way.  I love that one has a hole so you can thread the other side through it.

Others (eyeliner, hydrating oil and planner)

Don’t get me wrong I love these two but much harder to take a picture of.  The eyeliner is really great, creates a nice smooth line.  I use eyeliner every day so I use it all the time.  Hydrating oil is supposed to replace your lotion, I am not really a fan of the peppermint smell but it does work.  The planner is making me try to organize my life a little more.  It has these great quotes in it every month.  Here are a few,

Rachel Zoe: “style is a way to say who you are without having to speak”

Meryl Streep: “be strong enough to let go and wise enough to wait for what you deserve”

Diane Von Furstenberg: “life is very short. insecurity is a waste of time”

Let me know your thoughts


Jewelry – Talking Statement Pieces

Hello Hello Hello!  I am like many women out there and I love my jewelry. Now I know for some people who have known me awhile, you will think when did you start to like and wear jewelry?  Well in answer to that since I entered the professional world I have grown to love jewelry and wear it every day.  I really think jewelry is a great way to complete any outfit and express your personal style in a (sometimes dull) business world.

As you can see from above in my jewelry boxes, I love the statement necklace trend.  I do enjoy a good statement necklace most days but I do also own a good variety of necklaces beyond statement necklaces.

So if you buy jewelry regularly you know that it does not come cheap if you want quality (meaning it won’t turn your skin green). So I just wanted to talk about where I get some of my jewelry and some great websites I have found for jewelry.  So I have in the past bought jewelry from Stella&Dot, my friend hosted a party and I felt like I needed to buy when I was there.  Their jewelry while is good it does come at a price, most of their statement necklaces are $100+.

I want to share a boutique online I have found and I am so excited about it.  Happiness Boutique any kind of jewelry you want they sell and ship worldwide for free!  Also, they ship in boxes so your jewelry will not be ruined and they write personal notes, I am all about that.  I have only bought the above jewelry but I am so excited about this.  Necklace here and I wore it to work the other day and I am so excited about this necklace.  It really does look good with almost anything because it is gold and clear crystals.  Earrings here, I was looking for statement earrings because I felt like I only had studs and I needed some earrings that would catch attention when I wasn’t wearing a necklace.  These are perfect, I wear them out and they get attention and compliements.  They are a little heavy but I can deal with it since they look so cool.

Also there is  this necklace that I have been meaning to buy because I think the geometric pattern of it is so cool!

So where do I find other great deals for jewelry?  I like to find unique places to buy jewelry so when I travel I like to buy jewelry because it is easy to transport home.  My favorite jewelry boutique is in my hometown of Milwaukee its Bangles & Bags, which is where the middle necklace is from.  Sorry you cannot order online but great ideas.  The white necklace above is from Franchescas here it is in blue. The necklace on the right I actually bought from a flee market and it is one of my favorites.

I hope this has helped you find some new places to buy jewelry.