White Dress

Hello Hello!!  I have been looking for a chill white dress for awhile now and just have not been able to find the right fit for summer.  I even spent part of last summer looking and could not find one.  I am not sure the one I found is exactly what I am looking for but I am content with it.

Here is the dress that I bought, its pretty plain and the material is not what I would have expected (kind of like a sweatshirt material, really weird).


Just a regular shift dress with some black ties, I like it without any frills.  I like the basic white dress.  I wore this to my friends birthday party which was a pool party.  I was worried the entire time that I would ruin it on the first outing but we made it through fine.  Now initially I wanted to wear the dress like this, without any frills, but thought about it and was like maybe I should put my waist back into the outfit.

So I added a black belt to the dress

I love the black belt, really pulled the dress into make my waist look small.  Also love this new bag.  So actually it was really hot out so I did eventually drop the belt because it was making me too sweaty to keep on.

Let me know your thoughts


How to create the illusion of a smaller waist

Hello hello!! Yes I know the first question, do you have to do this aren’t you already skinny?  So yes I am skinny but I am not curvy, my waist does not really curve in much.  If I wear a traditional bodycon dress, from the front I look like I don’t have a shape, where as from the side you can see I have curves.  (Pics below, I dug out my last bodycon dress and I tried it on for you).  So this is due to the fact that I do not have a large chest and I have small hips, so my waist curves in but not by a lot.

So this is a dress that is probably going to be given away the next time I clean out my closet.  The pic on the left is not as flattering as a typically bodycon dress.  But from the side you can see that I do have curves.  This dress was one I bought in college when all I really wanted was short and tight. Now that I am a little older I dress to highlight my figure better.

In order to make my waist stand out and appear smaller in dresses or skirts, I do one of two things.

  • I wear a top that is tight on top and on the bottom look for a skirt that flares out from the body at least a little bit.
  • Or I wear a skirt that is tight and pair it with a shirt that is loose.

I picked this dress to use for this because it is similar to the other one in color and shape.  I like this one a lot more then the other one because it flatters my figure better.  This dress fits into the first category, it has a tight top and even though the bottom appears tight in the pic on the right you see it is only tight right at the waist.  The dress highlights my waist because the top of the dress appears to float and the skirt portion is tight at the waist creating a very flattering silhouette.

These outfits fit into the second category- tight skirt paired with a loose top.  This is typically an outfit I wear to work using my pencil skirts for the bottom.  These are both examples I wore last week, these skirts are staples in my work wardrobe.  On top I usually use a sheer top with a cami underneath, I own a good variety of these tops to be worn with my pencil skirts.  The silhouette is created by the skirt with is doing all the work, the loose top being tucked into the skirt highlights the waist.

Here are a few more examples-

Let me know your thoughts


Can I Wear Color to a Funeral?

Hello People!  Can I wear color to a funeral?  What is appropriate attire to wear to a funeral/ memorial/ wake?  For the first time in a long time I needed to figure this out and I no longer live by/ near my family so I couldn’t just see what they wear and then alter as needed.

So I had the question- can I only wear black?  Can I mix in any other colors? What is appropriate?  I decided on the below outfit.

I wore a basic black fit and flare dress and paired it with a navy professor blazer, added my brown clutch and white necklace to finish off the outfit.  I live by the standard that navy is a neutral color and can be paired as such.  This worked for the funeral because it was still within the color scheme (dark colors) and I did not feel like I stuck out for wearing this as a jacket.   I did have a long debate about the necklace because it was white and gold and kind of became a focal point.  I did have a similar necklace with black jewels that I had planned to wear but it felt like a little too much and was very hard to see with the dress, while the white brightened up the outfit a little bit.

If you are going to wear a color I would do it very tactfully.   I would advise for a more toned down color such as navy (like me), brown or a dark grey which would all be suitable for a funeral.  I would not wear any color that could be considered a bight color.  As a bright color will draw more attention to the fact that you are not wearing black and make you stick out.

If you knew the person very well then I think you can deviate from the above and wear an outfit/ dress that that person really loved to see you in regardless of the brightness of the outfit.

Let me know if you have any questions.