Lace crop tops

Hello Hello!! I know I am probably pretty late to the crop top party but apparently I am self-conscious about my belly.   Even though it took me awhile to come around but I have found a type of crop top that I will wear and actually looks good. (And apparently it is a trend that I am going to be all about this summer since I have bought 3).

Here is probably my favorite, and the only one I have worn since the weather finally came around.

So why do I love this crop top?  Well to start off it is lace, I love lace almost anything.  When I saw this crop top the lace was the reason I even looked at it.  The clincher was the back details you can see below.  Why does this cop top work for me?  It has to do with the top being lose and a little long for a crop top.  The top being loss around the bottom really works for me.  When the top is paired with high-waisted pants or skirt, it really highlights how small my waist is.

My one problem with the above outfit is that I do not think my pants are high enough.  I find it weird that my belly button just sort of pops out from the pants.  I am on the look out for high-waisted pants that will work.  Right now I have a skirt to wear it with when it is warmer and I have some shorts it will look good with.

The back.


Let me know your thoughts,


My Forever21 Shopping Spree

Hello World!    I know this seems like an oxymoron but hey what can you do…

So Forever21, I shopped here all the time in high school and college and found some great items but then I graduated and became a young professional.  I thought that I needed to graduate my wardrobe to higher quality clothes/ stores now that I was working.  (Also Forever21 stores kind of make me claustrophobic).  I always had the thought that as a business professional now, I should pick more professional places to shop and that I was too old for Forever21.


Then recently I have found some great items for my wardrobe there at some cheap prices.  So yea I went on a Forever21 shopping spree which is easier on my wallet since I only spent like $30.  I also shopped online to avoid the store all together.

Here are my purchases- there was a huge sale on the 4th so I really looked for casual summer clothes to add to my closet.  (Please excuse the wrinkles I just got them in the mail).  I am most excited about this blue dress, it was basically the reason I shopped on the site and looked for other clothes.  It is exactly my style, kind of lose all over except for the elastic right at the waist.  With the style of the dress it is more casual and I am excited to wear this.  Be sure to keep an eye out I will wear this soon and will post pictures.

After I put this in my cart I decided to look and see if there was anything else I liked that was on sale since I could get free shipping at $30.  I found this red dress, which has these straps on top that cross and is lose which piqued my interest.  And after a debate I was like sure, I can buy it at that price, I am sure I will wear it.  Now  I was really close to free shipping and I was now determined to get it.  So I meandered around the site and found this crop top, which has a front detail that is open and crisscrossing fabric down the front.  After no debate I added it to my cart and was good to go with my free shipping.

I have now gone back to using Forever21 to furnish my casual wardrobe, I am aware that these are not the best quality but I am ok with that.  And I still have a few pieces from back in the day that I still wear so sometimes the last.  I am excited about my summer additions and will be wearing them soon.  Close ups of the details on the red dress and crop top.

  • note all these are on sale
  • the blue dress has pockets.
  • And I will continue to check back to Forever21 online when looking for a trendy outfit- so I don’t need to spend a lot for a trend that may only be this season.