Packing for Vacation

Hello Hello!! Finally going on my first vacation of the year and I am pretty pumped about it.  I have spent way too much time in the office and need to get out.  I have been looking forward to this since I bought the tickets.

A few friends and I are getting together later this week and going to the beach.  I am so excited for the beach, I have lofty goals of sitting on the beach and doing nothing for the time I am there.  So I have been looking through my closet thinking about what I need to pack.

Packing up my cute summer skirts, fun summery shorts and obviously my casual romper.  Also my like 5 swimsuits because you need variety when you are going to go relax on the beach.

I am going to be packing over the next few days and then hopefully will updated you with some vacation beach pictures.

Let me know your thoughts


Is it summer yet?

Hello hello!! Finally we have strung together a few days of consistently 70 degree weather and I am ready for summer.  So much so that I am breaking out my summer going out clothes.  I am excited about the tank tops, lace shirts and light shirts, and wearing them out without a jacket.

Yes I was a little lazy this weekend and went with flats most days but in my defense this is the first time I can wear sandals so I am also really pumped for that as well.  I didn’t fully commit to the all summer feel since I didn’t bring out my shorts/ summer dresses/ rompers, but it just felt way to early for that.  So this weekend I stuck with jeans and my fun tops.  The grey one I have had forever, it is hard to describe but it has these small holes all over so it is like lace.  Of course the all over lace shirt I bought in the fall I am dying to wear it in the summer.  Then my classic chill tank top that I wear all the time in the summer.

I can feel it, lace shirts are going to be my thing this summer.  I have this one and I bought like 3 more, I don’t envision myself stopping.

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Ah, St Patty’s Day

Hello Hello!!  So when I was cleaning out my closet I realized that I do not own anything green, which is an interesting situation to be in with St. Patty’s Day around the corner.  Apparently if you do not wear green its a travesty.  So I went on Amazon because maybe I can find a shirt in green that I didn’t hate.  (Although not in Kelly green because that color looks bad on me).

So I went looking for olive green, this is a color I actually really like right now and I have been looking for a shirt just haven’t been able to find one.  I didn’t know how this one was going to work out when I ordered it but I am actually really happy about it.  The material is really soft and it is super lose and comfy.

I did not take the day off but had plans to meet some friends right after work so I had to make this work appropriate but also able to transform for going out.  The pics are from before work, I added a white blazer to make it work better in the office setting.  I tucked in the shirt in the front to give me back a waist.

In order to transform this for going out I really didn’t change much.  I removed the black undershirt, since it has a high neck I wanted to add a little bit of more sex appeal to the outfit.  I wore one of my bras that goes a little bit lower then a normal bra, this gave a pic-a-boo affect with my side/ rib area.  I loved this look and will wear it out again.

This shirt was so amazing that I may actually buy it in more colors.  It is very versatile, I’m planning to wear mine when I chill around my apartment, when I casually go our tucked into shorts or jeans and obviously it worked really well for going out.

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Taking Friday Casual to Dinner

Hello Hello!!  What’s up?  (Sorry for the delay I’ve been fighting a cold all week).  Fridays at work are casual days but still any outfit has to meet work’s standards for casual.  Don’t get me wrong my work is super lax on enforcing what can and cannot be worn, but I like to not push the envelope.

This Friday it was beautiful here, like 65 in February, I could not resist walking to work but I also had to go almost directly to dinner and drinks with my friend upon getting home.  I wanted to do a quick change of my outfit before heading out, so here are my tips on how to make a quick change by only altering a few things.

I actually went pretty casual for work on Friday, and since it was so warm I went for an outfit that felt a little springy.

I bought this white shirt awhile ago and I love wearing it, its super comfy and it is this crisp white color.  I love wearing it on Fridays because it is lose chill and looks good with my skinny jeans.  When I walked to work it was a little chilly out so I wore my trench coat, always makes any outfit more professional.

Now how to take this professional casual look to dinner and drinks.


I only changed 2 things, with an optional third change if you wanted to be fancier   First and most obvious I changed my jacket traded my trench coat for a leather jacket.  The leather jacket adds some edge which makes it perfect for going out.  The second change is my accessories, I switched necklaces from a more conservative statement necklace to a loud statement necklace.  The neckline of this shirt begs to be worn with a statement necklace and this flashy glam one is perfect for going out.  These changes combined to take the casual work look to a casual going out look.  (The change took a total of maybe 5 minutes).

Now for those of you that want to have a fancier going out look the third item you will want to change is the shoes.  I stuck with my toms but I was doing a pretty casual dinner, you will want to change to heels.  This outfit would look great with a pair of heels, I am personally inclined to pair with my red pumps.  But also will great with a pair of black heeled strapy sandals.

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Cargo Jacket

Hello, hello!!  I want to share this cargo jacket I bought and talk about why I really like it.   I talked about looking for a cargo jacket when I blogged about my fall coats post.  It took me longer then I thought it would to find a cargo jacket that I like as well as didn’t look too masculine. Actually this was sent to me in a stitchfix box, and I was surprised by how much I like it.

Cargo jackets and this army green are weirdly very in right now, I was not sure about it but requested the olive color in my style box so I could try it out with out any commitment.  The only item I kept was this jacket. Now I wasn’t really sure about this to begin with.  The reason I kept it and really like it is when I cuffed the sleeves there is this striped pattern that shows.  This add a more feminine feel to the jacket that is otherwise pretty masculine.  I probably will not wear this jacket without the sleeves rolled I just don’t think it will look as good.

I like to wear this bumming or running errands, it has such great pockets that if I wanted to I would not need to bring a purse.  When I was running errands I just put my keys, wallet and phone in the pockets and was on my way.  This is not something that I can typically do even when wearing jackets, many women’s jackets do not have large pockets (which is dumb).

I also wore this out when it was snowing these huge snow flakes, I paired it with a fleece jacket under it.  But I just felt really cool walking around in this jacket while there were really big snowflakes falling around me.  It was awesome.  I learned that the jacket is also pretty water resistant.  During said snow storm where I was out and about I got into a snowball fight with some friends and for the jacket not being a winter coat it did amazing.  I wasn’t even cold that day, the temp was hovering around 30 degrees so not that cold.

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Jeans Shopping

Jean shopping is the worst, I dread it and have to try to get myself pumped up to go shopping for jeans.  I like to believe this is the case for most women.  My issues shopping for jeans are that most sizes for women are all over the place and a lot of brands go by numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, etc) instead of by waist and length.  A size at one store will be radically different then the same size at another store and different styles in that same store won’t even be consistent in sizing.  Usually when I jean shop I end of feeling really self-conscious about my thighs and butt.

A few years ago  I found this really great pair of jeans, they fit me like a glove, and really make me feel so confident when I wear them.  So this magical pair of jeans is wearing out and I have known for a while that I was going to have to replace them but I just wanted this exact pair again.  The jeans are Levi’s jeans bold curve, and I bought them at a department store.  I went to the Levi store and ask the sales associate for this exact pair and I didn’t even care if it was the same color.  They told me Levi stopped doing the curve ID and had switched to strictly numbers, at this point I thought the whole trip was a waste.  But one of the other sales associates guided me to the 300 numbered jeans and said these would be the closest and would fit me best.

Actually this jeans shopping experience was not as awful as previous times and I ended up buying 2 pairs a black one and a medium wash pair.

Alright so these are them, I decided a few years ago that I would only buy one brand of jeans in order to take the guess work and horrible experiences out of jean shopping.  Since my favorite pair was Levis it made sense to stick with them, they also do the very logical thing of sizing by waist and length.  I am between sizes on both waist and length so I tried on like 8 pairs of jeans, but they all fit it was just a debate of which fit better.

My recommendation for picking jeans is make sure they have some give to them and that you are able to do more then what you want them to do.  So when I am in the dressing room trying on jeans I want to make sure if I bend over they still cover me.  I will also try to sit in them how I normally do- cross my legs, sit cross legged and sitting on one leg.  On top of these I will also do some squats and lunges.  I really want to make sure I can move in them.

I do love Levis- I especially recommend these 300 jeans for women who are curvier, I think they really provide good coverage and fit well.  I have thicker thighs and a larger butt that tend to make jean shopping a horrible experience but this was not one of those.  I even convinced my sister to at least try on a pair of these 300 and she also ended up buying a pair.

I did not link anything because jeans are something that you really need to try on.  I am an avid online shopper and I will not buy jeans online.

Let me know your thoughts