The perfect holiday dress

Hello People!  Today is Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving) and the official start of the holiday season, at least in my mind.  I love to dress up during the holidays, you know show the family that you have your shit together.  I have found the perfect holiday dress.

I bought this dress a few months ago and have been just dying to wear it. I love the color, it pictures red but it is really a burgundy which I love.  This dress is great for this time of year for a few reasons.  First, it has long sleeves which is great, I feel like my arms are always cold in winter and even when I was outside taking these pictures I didn’t feel all that cold.  Second, this dress actually looks best when paired with tights, I went with basic black but patterned tights would also look amazing.  Finding a dress that can be worn with tights is vital to dressing up in winter.  Lastly, this dress is not tight, during Thanksgiving I love this because I eat so much food I would rather not be wearing a tight dress to show off my food baby.  I did add a belt but that is adjustable so I don’t count it.

I love to wear this dress because it is plain I can dress it up in any way that I want.  I added a great statement necklace and this double buckle belt to add some flare and details to the outfit.

This is a shift dress so it is cut straight down and does not have a defined waist at all.  This is a hard style for a lot of women to wear so most women need to be careful about fit when looking for a shift dress, especially if you have a stomach or large chest.  I really like this type of dress because it is lose and if I wanted a waist I can add it in with a belt wherever I want.


Burgundy- My favorite fall color

Hello World! I want to talk about what I think the color of the season is going to be (at least in my wardrobe).

I love the color burgundy!!  This is going to be a big color in my wardrobe this fall and I am so excited about it.  I have been buying this color like it is my job since the end of August.  This is a great color to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall.  When I am transitioning to fall I tend to wear duller colors, like grey and black, so burgundy offers a rich alternative.  As well as it can be paired well with your grey and black fall wardrobe.

There has not been that much fall weather lately but here are some of my favorite outfits.

These pants and this lace shirt are the burgundy pieces that I am most excited about in my wardrobe.  These pants are going to be great working into my boots and sweater wardrobe and they will add that subtle pop of color with the dark red.  This lace top is amazing, it is lose and there is a zipper back detail so the lower back is open.  This shirt is just up my ally with the lace and open back, I cannot wait to wear it out (the above was worn on a casual day at work).  I bought both these pieces randomly so I do not have links to them.

These were the first burgundy clothes I bought this season.  I love this jacket, it will be a great pop of color when I am just wearing dull colors.  I have actually been trying to buy more clothes specifically to wear under the jacket.  This jacket is one of the reasons I am a little excited for some fall weather.  This dress, I have been looking for a long sleeve dress, I was going to buy in a different color but was drawn to the burgundy.  I am looking forward to wearing it with some tights to work or a family function.  It has pockets and we all know how much of a fan I am of pockets, see previous post.

As you can see these all pair pretty seamlessly with my blacks and grey clothes the populate the warmer part of my wardrobe.  I will keep you updated on any burgundy buys as well as any other colors that I am loving.  I think olive/ dark green will be another great color that can be used in the same way I am using burgundy.