I love wearing blazers as cardigans

Hello Hello!! I  have been noticing that I am working my blazers into my every day work wear by using them as cardigans.  Now I know the question, don’t you feel overly dressed up?  Or doesn’t everyone think that you are interviewing for another job?  The answers are not really and yes sometimes respectively.

I just got this black one, the grey one I got over the summer and the blue one I have had for years.  It started with this blue professor blazer with these great suede elbow patches and the inside pattern that shows when the sleeves are rolled up.  I looked in my closet at this blazer and was like why don’t I wear this more?  I love it, it is one of my favorites.  So I just decided to wear it more. The picture on the right I wore the blazer to work and then traveled right after work, it was perfect for layering.

This grey cardigan I bought from the extra clearance section of Ann Taylor Loft, I had to hem the sleeves because they were too long, but it worked out.  I love this one because it does not have any buttons and the material is very soft, not stiff like a blazer usually is.  It gives off a more casual then business vibe.  The color is grey almost white so I wear it often to lighten up outfits.  The middle picture above I believe was when I went on a date.

This black cardigan is the newest, so I haven’t worn it too much yet but I am pretty sure it will be worn frequently.  So I see this one as the middle compromise between the professor blazer and the chill white one.  It is made of soft material like the grey one but has the buttons and elbow patches like the professor blazer.  Keep an eye out for this one in the future I will likely post pics with it in the future.

Let me know your thoughts


Woah another date?

I know I know, nothing for like 6 months and now I am a frequenter of going out to eat in a dateish format.  Haha but what can I say, once I feel I am too busy to date is when people start asking me out.  Regardless I still love going into my closet and picking out clothes to wear out.

In case anyone forgot it has gotten super cold here so wearing skirts and dresses has become a real tough decision.  So this time around I went for a more classic look of jeans, a black shirt and I wore a casual blazer as a cardigan. (I have been looking for blazers that can be used both for work and going out.)

This is an outfit most women can pull off, get a great pair of skinny jeans, and a black shirt and you have this outfit.  Pair them with some boots to complete the outfit.  The outfit gives off a out together yet casual vibe that works well for week night dates like the one I went on the other night.  To dress the outfit up I added this really great statement necklace that just sparkles, its one of my favorites.

Let me know your thoughts