DIY Wall Decor

Hello hello!!!  Now for the past few weeks (months really) I have been work on makes these wall decor items for some of my friends.  And I am beyond excited to share them.

Here they are my current pride and joy.  And yes I did get them to hang up, that is why I am so excited right now.  

It all started with this saying “true friendship isn’t being inseparable it’s being spearated and nothing changes.”. For anyone who lives far from their best friend, you know this to be true.  When I graduated college I moved away and so did my friends and when I read this saying it resonated.  So I decided to paint it on something.  I went to the scrap yard in town to get some ideas.  I came across these windows and I was just like yes this is it.

I loved the frame of the window, the white paint that is cracked added so much character.  I used gold paint for the words because it felt the best nuetral (and I prefer it).   To finish it all off I plane to put pictures on the bottom that show our friendship.  This is probably my favorite DIY project to date.

Also I did have to use power tools to make then hangable on the wall.  And I am proud of that since I considered it the most intimidating part of the project.

Let me know your thoughts.

Home Decor – Canvas Prints

Hello Hello!!!  One of my favorite things about the city I currently live in, is I LOVE my apartment.  Finding it was like finding a diamond in the rough, and it is amazing, I want to transport it to every city I move to going forward.  Over the past few years I have been out of college, it has been a slow change to up my home decor game from the college posters to where it is now.  I have been slowing working all the posters and free ugly paintings out of my life and I will share more of my home decor going forward.

Today I just want to share some great canvas prints I bought recently.  I went to my hometown for my dad’s birthday and the bar where the party was at had artist prints on the wall and most of them caught my attention.  When I found out the artist had a website  I was so excited because it meant that I may be able to get them shipped to me.


These are the prints that I bought, when I opened the package they came in I immediately hung them up.  I was debating between putting them up in two places, in the living room and in the bedroom.  I wanted them in the living room because I want them to be one of the first things people see.  But decided that there was not enough room so I hung them up in my bedroom.


I eyeballed them all when putting them up and still debating if they are aligned.  I hung them up above my bed which is up against the wall.  I am thinking about painting the white part of the painting on the left in order to make it stick out less.  Will keep you posted on how that goes.

Let me know your thoughts.