Booties a quick pro/con list

Hello Hello!!  Now I love boots and as of lately I love booties.  I didn’t think I would love them as much as I do.  I think they are going to be in style for awhile so that is how I validate buying them.  This season I have bought a few pairs and I just want to quickly talk about what I like about each and what I wish was changed.

The two on the right are fairly similar in cut and style, they have a block/ stacked heel and the shaft goes up to the same height all around.  The large picture on the left (currently my favorite if you couldn’t tell) have a stacked heel and the shaft comes to a V in front.

The two on the right-

  • I love- how comfortable they are, their statement focal point (metallic heel and the straps on the back), I can wear socks with them, I like that they aren’t leather so I don’t have to be as careful with them, and their price.
  • I dislike- their lack of mobility since the front comes up as high as the sides it really constricts the movement of my ankles.  Which I wasn’t expecting when I bought them.

The one on the left

  • I love- the V in the front, I feel like it really makes my leg look longer when I wear them, the cutouts along the side are amazing.  They are this amazing suede that yes I do need to be more careful with but I feel so fancy when I wear them.
  • I dislike- the leather that comes up on the side needs to be broken in, the first few times I wore them they did leave marks on my ankles but after a few wears its much better, I cannot really wear socks with them.  And the price, as I said above they are real leather and designer which comes with a price tag.

Here is a quick side by side of me styling the brown ones similarly.

So which one looks better?  I personally prefer the ones on the left, as I said before I think the V really elongates my legs which as a short person is great.

The next pair of booties I am thinking about buying are a pair that has a V or open sides, I think they look really cool but I am unsure how they will fit or stay on so I have been hesitating.

Let me know your thoughts.


Getting Ready for NYE

Hello Hello!! Now that Christmas is over I can start thinking about New Years Eve plans and more importantly an NYE outfit.  When I think of the perfect NYE outfit I think of a tight sequin dress.  Now this is not my usual style and I personally don’t think I look my best in this outfit.  So this year I decided before I went out and bought a dress that I would probably only get one use out of, maybe I should check my closet to see if I have an outfit I could wear.

I found 2 outfits that I think will work out both are dresses/ skirts, I did think about wearing skinny jean as I do live in the Great White North but I can do that any time I go out.  And on New Years my goal is to dress up fancy and go out.

(Please ignore my hair and lack of jewelry, when I have free time I like to try on my clothes).  I bought this black lace dress a few months ago because it is a staple of any wardrobe and I didn’t have one.   This dress is lace all over, tight (but with room to breath) and this back.  The reason I bought this dress was due to the back, which from my waist up only has lace covering which looks amazing.  (It didn’t picture as well as I wanted it to). I  plan to pair it with my new red pumps.

This is my second outfit I tried on for NYE, to me it feels a little bit more grown up since its not skin tight but also has the peekaboo going on with the skin showing on the bralette top.  I like this skirt because I don’t have to worry about it riding up all night and as you can see it has pockets.  As you can see I was having a debate about what shoes to wear, the pumps or the over the knee boots.  I think the pumps look better with the outfit and show off my legs, but I felt like trying on the boots just because it is cold here and it would be nice to have my leg covered.

Let me know your thoughts on the outfits and if you have any questions


Woah another date?

I know I know, nothing for like 6 months and now I am a frequenter of going out to eat in a dateish format.  Haha but what can I say, once I feel I am too busy to date is when people start asking me out.  Regardless I still love going into my closet and picking out clothes to wear out.

In case anyone forgot it has gotten super cold here so wearing skirts and dresses has become a real tough decision.  So this time around I went for a more classic look of jeans, a black shirt and I wore a casual blazer as a cardigan. (I have been looking for blazers that can be used both for work and going out.)

This is an outfit most women can pull off, get a great pair of skinny jeans, and a black shirt and you have this outfit.  Pair them with some boots to complete the outfit.  The outfit gives off a out together yet casual vibe that works well for week night dates like the one I went on the other night.  To dress the outfit up I added this really great statement necklace that just sparkles, its one of my favorites.

Let me know your thoughts


Wait, you had a date?

Yes, yes I did!  And now lets all take a minute to look at the date category and reminisce about the last time I had a date.  Haha, it was awhile ago, please feel free to find it humorous, I certainly do.  I do not go on dates often but I love dressing for a date, you can dress up a little bit without having to go super fancy of a more formal event.

I was way more excited about my outfit then I was about the actual date so who knows about any future dates at this point.  But seriously the outfit, I was planning this in my head earlier in the day before this skirt even got delivered.  I wanted to wear this skirt and these boots so badly, but they do come off as dressy so I was really looking for a shirt to down play that.  I went with this cute plaid shirt that I rolled up the sleeves on and gave it a more casual vibe.

This skirt, is amazing and I loved wearing it on the date.  I think it worked really well and gave off the casual but stylish vibe I always go for.  I want to look put together and fashionable but still be chill at the same time, especially on first dates.  This outfit accomplished that, the skirt is tweed and gives off a very put together vibe.  Paired with some over the knee boots and the plaid shirt gave the outfit the fashionable and casual look that I was going for.  I cannot wait to wear this outfit again, as well as the skirt and boots separately.  They are both very new and I am excited about them.

As a side note about this skirt it is great for every day as well as a date, it has an elastic waist so it will fit at your waist perfectly.  The fit of the skirt is A-line so it will compliment most women’s figures, while also not being too tight.  And best of all IT HAS POCKETS!! Pockets that you can actually fits stuff in which was a very nice surprise when I opened my package

I paired the skirt with my brand new over the knee boots, which really elongated my legs, I actually felt like my legs were longer in this outfit.  This was really nice because as I have stated it is cold here so having boots that came up over my knees and almost met the bottom of my skirt was amazing when I was outside.

So the skirt is only available in a few sizes, yea I know super sad… But I did see these other skirts that are similar and come in a bunch of colors, including black.  Also I would size down they seem to run large and they have an elastic waist so for more usage I recommend a smaller size.

Let me know your thoughts


Wait…. You had a date?

Why yes yes I did have a date. Haha.  I have been wanting to write about a date outfit for a while but I figured I needed to actually go on a date for it to actually count as an accurate article.

Any ways not here to talk about my life but about my clothing.


I went into the day knowing that I wanted to wear this shirt. This lace up white tank (yea I know I wore it again) but as of lately I am loving white.  This tank is a very pristine white and it makes my arms look tanner then they actually are.  And the laces on the front are a very subtle sexy that I love about this top.  Just a little flash of the chest.  (And yes I do have smaller boobs so I can kind of get away with it).

I decided to pair the shirt with this really cute pleather skirt and sandals.  We did a really chill drinks at a bar so I did not want to overdress so I went with the flat sandals.  I love to wear this skirt when I go on dates because it flatters my body well and since it is black it can be paired with so many tops that I already own.  This is a really easy outfit for me, that looks super put together and in fashion but is also very comfortable.  As a side note- this skirt has pockets which makes it even better!


To complete the whole ensemble I actually changed purses (which I typically do not do) and used this large mint colored tote bag as my purse.  I absolutely love the mint color of this bag really makes me think of spring and summer.  It goes really well with a lot of lighter colored clothes and my current white obsession haha.

Where do I get this stuff?

Well the white shirt is linked in my last article.

skirt- JC Penney’s but I bought it last year

tote bag. – Amazon –  It is currently unavailable but I would check back its pretty reasonable and it  is reversible.