Love Wearing Cuffs (bracelets)

Hello Hello!!  Who would have thought I would love to wear bracelets?  Not me, I have never been a big bracelet person.  And a few years ago I like cuffs/ bangles even less, but here I am buying them.  It probably all started when I started wearing a bracelet every day to keep my hairbands off my wrist and now I don’t mind wearing bracelets.

These cuffs are from The Styled Collection (mostly) and they are the reason I was looking into buying more bracelets.  I like that they are edgy and minimalist at the same time.  The first cuff I bought is the one on the far left, I have talked about this one before it is the one that keeps my hairbands from strangling my wrists.  The rest kind of followed after buying the first one.  My personal favorite is the one with the pearls, it is rose gold and the pearls are held on by what looks like bike gears.  It has this really cool look to it that I could not pass up.   The one on the far left is this cool cuff that is squared off at the top, I have never seen a bracelet like this.

I have been experimenting with stacking them, which is a little difficult since currently all I have been doing is going to work.  My one critique with the stacking is the jingling they make when they hit each other.  I have added the leather band bracelet between the two to minimize it.

Let me know your thoughts,


Taking Friday Casual to Dinner

Hello Hello!!  What’s up?  (Sorry for the delay I’ve been fighting a cold all week).  Fridays at work are casual days but still any outfit has to meet work’s standards for casual.  Don’t get me wrong my work is super lax on enforcing what can and cannot be worn, but I like to not push the envelope.

This Friday it was beautiful here, like 65 in February, I could not resist walking to work but I also had to go almost directly to dinner and drinks with my friend upon getting home.  I wanted to do a quick change of my outfit before heading out, so here are my tips on how to make a quick change by only altering a few things.

I actually went pretty casual for work on Friday, and since it was so warm I went for an outfit that felt a little springy.

I bought this white shirt awhile ago and I love wearing it, its super comfy and it is this crisp white color.  I love wearing it on Fridays because it is lose chill and looks good with my skinny jeans.  When I walked to work it was a little chilly out so I wore my trench coat, always makes any outfit more professional.

Now how to take this professional casual look to dinner and drinks.


I only changed 2 things, with an optional third change if you wanted to be fancier   First and most obvious I changed my jacket traded my trench coat for a leather jacket.  The leather jacket adds some edge which makes it perfect for going out.  The second change is my accessories, I switched necklaces from a more conservative statement necklace to a loud statement necklace.  The neckline of this shirt begs to be worn with a statement necklace and this flashy glam one is perfect for going out.  These changes combined to take the casual work look to a casual going out look.  (The change took a total of maybe 5 minutes).

Now for those of you that want to have a fancier going out look the third item you will want to change is the shoes.  I stuck with my toms but I was doing a pretty casual dinner, you will want to change to heels.  This outfit would look great with a pair of heels, I am personally inclined to pair with my red pumps.  But also will great with a pair of black heeled strapy sandals.

Let me know your thoughts


My gift review

What What!! Hello world, holiday season has past and now I can talk about what I got for as gifts from my family and bought for my friends.  I am excited to talk about this because I love the things I was given.  How do you love everything you got?  Well that is super easy, I sent out links to my family for exactly what I wanted, no confusion here.

So the main gifts I got.

My parents bought me these and they are the best.  They are exactly what I wanted and I actually did not think I would get both of them so I was surprised and excited when I opened the packages.  So I have been looking for a new peacoat just to add variety to my wardrobe.  I was looking for one that had a color and would make a statement.  I found this one and when I was looking at it I loved the color and how it stood out.  This is a website I am unfamilar with so I asked for it as a present (then if something happened it would just be a gift lost) but it came without issues and it is really great.  The coat looks amazing paired with almost any outfit and I am excited to wear it out. As a note this does run a little bit small and tight in the arms, I ordered a size up, medium,  as I usually do with coats and it fits really well. I am still looking for a really great caramel colored coat but that will be for another time.

The leather tote bag is like a mystical object that is out there and looks so good but finding one at a reasonable price is beyond hard.  I endeavored to find one at a reasonable price as the one I was looking at came in around $180, which for me is a little expensive for a purse.  This lead me to Amazon and this leather tote which I currently am loving to look at.  This bag is so beautiful and the leather is so nice I am just enjoying the bag.  I am excited to start using it, since it is winter I have been keeping it indoors but that will change.  My major plan is to use this while traveling because the inside of the tote has so many pockets and will be great for organizing.

What what, I am loving this holiday season for these presents alone and I probably would not need anything else to be satisfied.  The other gifts I got are enroute as I did not make it home for the holidays, but I do know I am getting some jewelry, wallet and decor for my apartment.  I will share when I get them because I am sure they will be great.

As my sister and I are basically the same person, over Thanksgiving when I was home I figured out that my sister wanted the same $180 bag that I was looking at. Now I did not buy her the same one because that would be weird but I got her this in a caramel color.  She liked it so I killed the present game.  I am so excited about these totes they are amazing.

Let me know your thoughts


The perfect holiday dress

Hello People!  Today is Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving) and the official start of the holiday season, at least in my mind.  I love to dress up during the holidays, you know show the family that you have your shit together.  I have found the perfect holiday dress.

I bought this dress a few months ago and have been just dying to wear it. I love the color, it pictures red but it is really a burgundy which I love.  This dress is great for this time of year for a few reasons.  First, it has long sleeves which is great, I feel like my arms are always cold in winter and even when I was outside taking these pictures I didn’t feel all that cold.  Second, this dress actually looks best when paired with tights, I went with basic black but patterned tights would also look amazing.  Finding a dress that can be worn with tights is vital to dressing up in winter.  Lastly, this dress is not tight, during Thanksgiving I love this because I eat so much food I would rather not be wearing a tight dress to show off my food baby.  I did add a belt but that is adjustable so I don’t count it.

I love to wear this dress because it is plain I can dress it up in any way that I want.  I added a great statement necklace and this double buckle belt to add some flare and details to the outfit.

This is a shift dress so it is cut straight down and does not have a defined waist at all.  This is a hard style for a lot of women to wear so most women need to be careful about fit when looking for a shift dress, especially if you have a stomach or large chest.  I really like this type of dress because it is lose and if I wanted a waist I can add it in with a belt wherever I want.


The solution to hair tie and wrist woes

Hello World!  So are you like me and always carrying a hairband around on your wrist?  I used to do this all the time, I had a tan line from the hairband and an indent from it on my wrist.  Now this is probably not the best for my wrist/ hand and I started to look for a bracelet that would solve this problem.  I found this.


This bracelet is by far one of the best jewelry items I have bought. It has become a habit to wear it and it feels weird without the bracelet.  Which for me I was never a bracelet person so that is saying a lot.  I bought these awhile ago, there appears to be a lot more variety available from this seller as well as others here and here.

So like I said I love this bracelet and it can be worn with anything to any outing.  I typically use the gray or a black hair band for a really chill sleek look that will go with any outfit.  For awhile I was using a white hair band, and the white actually looked amazing with the gold when I wore it, made for a very elegant look.  I was a bridesmaid in a few weddings and I wore this bracelet with a white hair band and I really loved how it looked and pictured.

Screen Shot 2015-07-11 at 10.10.51 PM

I located the picture that made me love the white hair band with this bracelet.  This is me holding my grandma’s hand while we danced and the bracelet looks elegant and hides the fact that this is a hair band.

I hope this helps solve some problems for other women out there because I always need a hair band.


Jewelry – Talking Statement Pieces

Hello Hello Hello!  I am like many women out there and I love my jewelry. Now I know for some people who have known me awhile, you will think when did you start to like and wear jewelry?  Well in answer to that since I entered the professional world I have grown to love jewelry and wear it every day.  I really think jewelry is a great way to complete any outfit and express your personal style in a (sometimes dull) business world.

As you can see from above in my jewelry boxes, I love the statement necklace trend.  I do enjoy a good statement necklace most days but I do also own a good variety of necklaces beyond statement necklaces.

So if you buy jewelry regularly you know that it does not come cheap if you want quality (meaning it won’t turn your skin green). So I just wanted to talk about where I get some of my jewelry and some great websites I have found for jewelry.  So I have in the past bought jewelry from Stella&Dot, my friend hosted a party and I felt like I needed to buy when I was there.  Their jewelry while is good it does come at a price, most of their statement necklaces are $100+.

I want to share a boutique online I have found and I am so excited about it.  Happiness Boutique any kind of jewelry you want they sell and ship worldwide for free!  Also, they ship in boxes so your jewelry will not be ruined and they write personal notes, I am all about that.  I have only bought the above jewelry but I am so excited about this.  Necklace here and I wore it to work the other day and I am so excited about this necklace.  It really does look good with almost anything because it is gold and clear crystals.  Earrings here, I was looking for statement earrings because I felt like I only had studs and I needed some earrings that would catch attention when I wasn’t wearing a necklace.  These are perfect, I wear them out and they get attention and compliements.  They are a little heavy but I can deal with it since they look so cool.

Also there is  this necklace that I have been meaning to buy because I think the geometric pattern of it is so cool!

So where do I find other great deals for jewelry?  I like to find unique places to buy jewelry so when I travel I like to buy jewelry because it is easy to transport home.  My favorite jewelry boutique is in my hometown of Milwaukee its Bangles & Bags, which is where the middle necklace is from.  Sorry you cannot order online but great ideas.  The white necklace above is from Franchescas here it is in blue. The necklace on the right I actually bought from a flee market and it is one of my favorites.

I hope this has helped you find some new places to buy jewelry.

Ahh The Skinny Belt

The who, what, where, when, and how- but really just the what, when and how.

Skinny Belts – Yea I know when I first got one of these I was not too thrilled, like what are they used for?  Certainly not holding up your pants haha.  I got my first skinny belt with a dress and I immediately took it off the dress and thought I would never use it.  Turns out I was really wrong about that.

How? – I have already covered that they will not hold up your pants. So typically I wear my skinny belts to help define my waist when I wear a cardigan.  Some of my cardigans are big blankets and hide my waist and others times I use my belt to bring the cardigan to my waist.


These are examples of using them to define my waist.  The first two pics are actually of the same dress styled with a blanket cardigan and the black belt underneath to highlight my small waist which kind of gets lost with this cardigan.  The other two are styled similarly – I used the skinny belt to pull the cardigan into my waist to define it as the center point of the outfit.   I like the wear the belts both ways.

The other way I really like to wear them is to add a little bit more color to the outfit.


Lately I  love adding this woven brown belt or one of my black belts to this red skirt to add an additional detail right at my waist.  I love that there is a little bit of the red poking over the top of the belt, I think it adds a little extra to the outfit.

So now the when – usually I wear these to work because they really work best with my work outfits.  Since I do not like to wear tight clothes to my office I use the belts to really define my waist.  I do wear them casually with dresses I just do not have any pics of those currently.


Moral of this story is don’t ever rule out a certain fashion trend because you might come around to it.  I am happy I never gave away the 2 belts that came with the dresses I bought, because of them I discovered I really do like these belts.  Have even gone out and purchased a few.

I bought my woven belt at a flea market but this one metallic. is pretty similar and I love the look of it.