Fleetwood Mac!!

Hello hello!! So last weekend I saw the legendary Fleetwood Mac in concert. I have seriously been looking forward to this since I bought the tickets, 6 months ago. This concert was awesome, they honestly sound amazing. There were points where I definitely cried, Stevie singing landslide live is an experience.

When deciding what to wear I kind of just sat back and thought what would Stevie wear. With that in mind I just kind of wondered into my closet and looked around. (I apologise I didn’t get full body pics, I was running late leaving and late coming home). I found this lace shirt with these large bell sleeves, in a very 70s orange.

I tucked this into a pair of black skinny jeans that I’ve owned forever. I added a pair of dark brown ankle booties. I was wearing a pair of house of Harlow earrings which I had taken out by the time I took this pic.

These are the earrings, I absolutely love them and I strive to wear them anytime I can.

Let me know your thoughts.


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