Its My Birthday

Hello Hello!!!  Sorry for not posting, as I have stated before my life is a little in upheaval and I am trying to sort it out.  I will keep you posted about that.

Any ways it was my birthday this past weekend.  I didn’t really think too much about what I was going to wear.  Actually I had stuff going all day and when I got home I only had about 10 minutes to change before people started showing up to my house.  (Wish I had more time but oh well).

Yes yes yes, I did go all black and I have no regrets.  Black is such a flattering color and when I was in a time crunch it was just so easy.  I also wore this tunic shirt that has the really cute details across the bottom and sleeves.  I would link this but I bought this as a birthday present to myself and it was really a splurge,  if any one wants to know comments and I will update the blog with a link.  I personally love the look of this shirt and think it looks great but I am not sure it would translate well to other body types.

I paired it with these pleather leggings.  They look really good and hug my body but they are so easy and I barely notice I am wearing pants.  These leggings I actually cut the bottoms myself because they were way too long.  All and all I love this look, it is effortless and still put together.

Finished the outfit off with my nude suede heels that are my go to and a white/ light pink leather jacket.


Also when looking back at my birthday outfit last year I realize how predictable I am.  I wore a very similar outfit out last year, still love it and wear that top all the time.  I just had a good laugh over how much my choices had not changed.

My hair is curled in both, I am wearing a black deep V top and the exact same pair of pumps.  Hahaha, love it.

Let me know your thoughts


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