Casual Night Out

Hello hello!! Sorry I know I have been MIA, I’ve been trying to figure out some things in my life and just have had a lot of spare time. No news to share but will let you know if I have some.

Any ways last night just went to a casual dinner party at my friend’s place and then we had plans to go out and get a few drinks. I was being extra lazy and didn’t really want to change and also didn’t know what to wear.

So I stuck with my go to black skinny jeans. They just go with everything and I’ve broken them in so they are comfy to wear. Also since I’ve been wearing them so much they come with the added bonus of already being cuffed to wear with booties. I paired with a white lace top. I personally love lace and have worn this top with the undershirt as I did earlier and with out any undershirt. Of course I wore with a great pair of booties.

I love that winter is coming to an end but I love boots and will always try to wear them whenever I can.

When I left my place I grabbed one of my favorite jackets for spring, cargo jacket.

This jacket is great, I love the lining of it because it really adds an extra detail to this jacket.

Let me know your thoughts,


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