Ivory Clasp

Hello Hello!!  So I have seen this subscription service advertised all over social media lately.  This is a subscription service for handbags. Whenever I go to their site they have this bag on their home page that I really like.  So I debated for a little bit about weather to sign up.  I saw a 50% off your first box and decided to give it a try, it has been almost a year since I bought a bag so why not?

Well I signed up and there was kind of a weird survey where you just pick all the handbags you like.  So I went through like 10 pages of this clicking on all the bags that I was attracted to, which was surprisingly not a lot.

After this my email just got inundated with so many emails from them, and half of them were  asking me to sign up.  Which was just really annoying because I had just signed up, how else would you have just gotten my email.  But whatever I rolled with it.  I was curious what bag I would get sent.  Then an email showed up asking me if I wanted to pick my own bag, and since I was worried about someone else picking my purse I followed the link.  I was able to pick out the purse that caught my eye.

But I would like to not that this is not s subscription service where they style for you if they allow you to pick you own bag.  I am happy I did get to pick my bag and I am sure if you didn’t pick a bag they will pick for you.  I like the bag that I got but I did pick it.


Its an okay service, I don’t know if I will do it again.  The most annoying this to me is all the emails.  And then on top of that how long it took for them to ship it to me.  As well as the complete lack of being able to track the shipment.  Maybe I am spoiled but this is the year 2018 and everything that is ordered online should have good tracking.

Let me know your thoughts.


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