Lively Bra Review

Hello Hello!!! So Victoria Secret has been my go to bra place since I started wearing bras. Probably because they were in all the malls and that was what all my friends were doing. As of lately I have been noticing a real decrease in the quality of their bras. I thought it might just be their sports bras, which I loved and swore by but now they feel flimsy and look like they will offer no support.

The last bra I ordered from them was the exact same as one that I had previously bought but it felt so much cheaper. Any ways because of this I have been curious about what other stores are out there that I can get bras at? Now to be completely honest I have a small chest, as my sister likes to say I could wear any bra and it doesn’t really matter. So I am a 34B, which is small but I still need a bra. (My sister on the other hand I think wears a DD, so she is always mad that I can wear a more variety of bras).

So this shop keeps showing up on my social media feeds, Lively. I was curious about them, and they are cheaper 2 bras for $55. So last week I decided to give them a try.

So here are the two that I bought, the black one is advertised as a strapless with a lot of boning and the navy one is a bralette. So here are my thoughts

Black – so it also did come with straps that you can use, I wouldn’t recommend it as the straps are at a really odd place on the front cups. Now this bra is very pretty, the lace is really nice and looks good. This bra does have a lot of boning and will stay up. The one disappointing thing is that the cups don’t stay in place and actually sag a little. So it’s not the most flattering look on a bra.

Navy – so this is a bralette and is also pretty with lace. Now the one thing I love about this is that it has a clasp in the back. Which makes it really convenient and easy to put on. Now it doesn’t have much support as it’s a bralette so I won’t comment too much on that. I like this bra, it’s an alright bralette. I don’t think I will wear it out but I like to wear it at home while chilling.

In conclusion, this is not going to be my new bra place, I just don’t think the bras live up to what I want. Lively did include a nice bra bag I can use when I travel and I love that and will use it. But I will continue to look for a new bra place.

Let me know your thoughts


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