Finally Found Bar Stools

Hello Hello!!  I don’t know about you guys but I love to decorate.  Buying or making my own wall decor and maybe one day I will show you guys my apartment and how I decorated it.  (I am actually very proud of it, but it is currently not done yet).  I have been looking for bar stools since I moved into my new apartment.  I have a breakfast bar that is really great, and every time I looked at it I was sad I could not use it because I have not found bar stools yet.  I am picky I know this, so I finally found some that I absolutely love.

I found some that I really like at this specialty place in town, the down side is that they were priced very expensive for one and I needed at least 3.  So I began looking other places, like Facebook market place and if I needed to paint them I would.  Then I was on Amazon one day and I found these.


So I have silver/ grey counter tops so I was trying to stay away from anything in that color scheme.  When I was thinking about buying used and painting I had actually decided to paint them bronze.  I am loving the metallic colors, I think they work as a great neutral and they also do not clash with each other.

When I saw these on Amazon I was ready to buy immediately.  They are in bronze already so check and they are exactly like the ones I found at the store in town check.  They have a really great dark wood seat.  I love this aspect, I think it adds so much extra character rather than having a metal top.

They have made my apartment so much more usable, I sit on them at least 2-3 times a day.  I am actually sitting on them right now writing this post.

Let me know your thoughts



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