Ahhh!! The Sidewalk Skirt is one SALE

Hello Hello!! Now I know I talked about this skirt last year because I love it so much that I bought 2 last year.  Why is this skirt so amazing?  First, it is a good length that it can be worn to work but also can be worn casually.  You just need to wear this with tights if you wear it to work.  Second, it is just super comfortable so if you work an office job like me, the waist band does not bother you all day.  It is just really comfortable to sit in.  Last and probably most important IT HAS MOTHER FUCKING POCKETS!!!  Yes that’s right pockets! In a businessy skirt!!  (To everyone asking if that is important yes it is.  I go to meetings on numerous floors a day and when carrying my badge without pockets I am always worried I will lose it)

But I was talking to a friend about this skirt over the weekend and then it caused me to go look it up and see if it was available on J. Crew’s site.  And wouldn’t you know, not only is it available but it is on sale!!!  Here it is ladies I would recommend this skirt to any one.

Now here are just a bunch of pictures of me wearing these skirts.

Bah, good luck shopping out there!!!

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