Online Shopping: Amazon

Hello hello!!!  I wanted to give some advice for shopping on Amazon today.  Now if you have read some of my other blogs, you probably already know I love Amazon and I shop on there all the time. So I wanted to share some tricks that I use especially when shopping for designer/ higher end clothing/shoes.

So when I am looking on Amazon especially for clothing from a well known designer I typically will not buy right away.  I will add it to my wish list.  I suggest everyone use the wish list, so when you use the app it is easy to go to your wish list and watch the price.  If the price never moves then you know it’s probably not going to change too much but if you have an item that does fluctuate in price then I would wait for a good price.

This summer I am in love with heeled sandals.  I don’t know if it’s because I didn’t own any or because of something else.  Moral of this story is that I bought 3 pairs of heeled sandals this summer.  I was very hesitant to buy these.

These are black Dolce Vita heeled  sandals, now I was hesitant because the last pair I bought were kind of expensive.  Those were also a pair of Dolce Vita sandals but they are so comfortable that they made me look at another pair.  So I found these and regularly they are over $100. I put them on my wish list and sat on them.

Like a week later I was in my Amazon app and these shoes are $37.  My jaw dropped, I was like what?  So this was too good of a deal to pass up, so I bought them.  I am not upset about this, these shoes are great.  I have been wearing them frequently.  They are also so comfortable, I can wear them all day.

Let me know your thoughts


Week Night Quick Outfit Flip

Hello Hello!!! Now weeknights for everyone are hectic, and this week especially was very  hectic and busy.  I felt like I was running around the entire time and I had no time for my work out.  Well one day this week I was meeting my friend for a late dinner so I figured I could fit in a quick workout before heading to dinner.  But I had to do a quick flip from my sweaty gym clothes to a cute outfit.


I even took this picture post workout, hence the fact that my face is super red.  I did cardio this day so I was real gross.  Anyways how do you go from this to presentable for a dinner.  I decided to keep the outfit real simple, just skinny jeans and a v-neck noting too fancy.


I think the change went really well, there wasn’t a way to fully take care of the red checks but I think the outfit looked really chill and put together even when I was like 30 minutes post workout.  I did have a debate about the shoes right up until I left, and I actually changed into a pair of Toms flats.

So the key to a quick change was really just keeping it simple no frills just jeans and a T-shirt.  I also had the outfit picked out in my head prior to going to the gm otherwise I would have been super lazy.

Let me know your thoughts


Take your Saturday outfit to a night outfit

Hello hello!! Last Saturday was pretty chill my friends had a grill out and then we decided to go out.  It was kind of colder out so I decided to wear jeans.  My plan was to wear something chill to the cookout and then change before we went out.

I just felt like wearing leopard print, I hadn’t worn this shirt in awhile so it felt fun and free.  I paired it with some dark skinned jeans and my black Tom’s.  I tucked in the front of the shirt to highlight my waist, which is something that I usually do for loose tanks.  I brought a cardigan along because it was kind of colder.

(Please ignore my dogs butt she refused to move). So I actually thought I was going to change more when I was thinking about my outfit in my head.  I originally wanted to change my shirt but I was feeling lazy.  So when I got back to my place to do a quick change I decided to just put on some heeled booties.  I out on these black booties with the slit on the side, these aren’t my favorite boots but I thought they looked more summery then closed toe boots.

Let me know your thoughts.


White Dress

Hello Hello!!  I have been looking for a chill white dress for awhile now and just have not been able to find the right fit for summer.  I even spent part of last summer looking and could not find one.  I am not sure the one I found is exactly what I am looking for but I am content with it.

Here is the dress that I bought, its pretty plain and the material is not what I would have expected (kind of like a sweatshirt material, really weird).


Just a regular shift dress with some black ties, I like it without any frills.  I like the basic white dress.  I wore this to my friends birthday party which was a pool party.  I was worried the entire time that I would ruin it on the first outing but we made it through fine.  Now initially I wanted to wear the dress like this, without any frills, but thought about it and was like maybe I should put my waist back into the outfit.

So I added a black belt to the dress

I love the black belt, really pulled the dress into make my waist look small.  Also love this new bag.  So actually it was really hot out so I did eventually drop the belt because it was making me too sweaty to keep on.

Let me know your thoughts