New workout pants

Hello hello!! Currently sitting in an airport waiting to board a plane while writing this.  I wanted to share some sweet new workout pants.  I been wearing them travelling and have been getting compliments left and right. 

Of course they have mesh in them that seems to be the only kind of workout pants I buy.  Some workout pants that have cut off like this, the transition seam can dig in and be annoying. Ordering online that was a concern since this was a new brand that I have never bought before.  These pants don’t do that, they are actually really amazing.  They have so much stretch in them they never feel tight.

I worked out in them the other day and had no issues. They did squats, lunges, lifting all amazingly.  I’d for sure recommend these for casual wear as well as working out.  This brand onzie might become a go to for me for workout gear, that’s how amazing they are.

(They are available on Amazon for prime which makes me very inclined to buy them again)

Let me know your thoughts.


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