Navy is my new black

Hello hello!  So is navy the new black?  Is it the got to color that can go well with everything?  I certainly think so. Maybe it is just but I love using Navy as my go to dark neutral color (don’t get me wrong I still love black).  I think it probably has something to do with blue always being one of my favorite colors and it looks good on me.


I went out this weekend for a couple of friends birthdays and I really wanted to wear this top.  Its lose and comfortable and has a really deep V in the front which I love.  Before going out I tried it on with all sorts of different jeans, light wash, dark wash, bright colors and none of them looked really good.  I was avoiding this pair of jeans because the color is so similar to the top but finally I tried them on and was not disappointed.  The outfit I actually thought looked really good in the one color.  I brightened it up with the very sparkly necklace and the brown boots.

This shirt is great, it is kind of shear (which I am all about) but the fabric is thick enough that I do not need to wear an undershirt.  I think without the undershirt the deep V is not really that noticeable, so I love the subtle sex appeal of it.

Let me know your thoughts


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