Spring cleaning

Hello Hello!!  What is up?  So about once a year, usually in the spring, I get antsy about my closet and really want to clean it out.  In the weeks leading up to me actually doing this I eye the clothes that I want to get rid of.

Going in I usually have an idea of what I really think needs to go, and I know what I keep because I wear them most often.  I made the comment a few weeks back that I bet I would not be able to get rid of any of my little black dresses, that was accurate.  I tried them all on still loved them all and thought these are cornerstones of my wardrobe what if I need them?

Any ways this past weekend I cleaned out the closet, and I am actually pretty proud of how much I was willing to part with.  This spring cleaning was probably the most I have cleaned out of my closet in years and currently when I look at my closet it looks like I am missing so many clothes. It feels good, reminds me of some of my clothes that I forgot about.

So there is the pile of clothes I got rid of.  Stitch Fix allows you to re-purpose the box and gives you a free packaging slip, I decided to use this to ship my clothes back.  Because last year it took me like 3 months to get them out of my apartment.  Now I still have plans to clean out my shoes, there are plenty I don’t wear in there any more but I figure baby steps.

The dress on the right was actually a dress that I had been eyeing to give away.  I haven’t worn it in years, mostly because last time I wore it it was too tight around my butt.  Made sitting at my desk hard, so I kind of put it in my closet and forgot about it.  Since the last time I wore it, I have been working out more and apparently its working.  (I personally thought I was the same size but not the case).  I am excited about this because the dress is great for work but also can be worn to a work function.  Or in case you had my problem last year this would be great for a funeral.

Let me know your thoughts



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