How to get away with wearing a T-shirt to work.

Hello hello!! Do you ever have one of those days where you go in your closet and don’t want to wear any of it?  Well I had one of those mornings today. I looked at my work clothes and was just like no. I didn’t want to wear a nice shirt that required a nice bra and an undershirt, that felt like way too much for me today. Haha.  So I kind of went in and was like what’s comfy? And can I wear it to work?

So first question, yes this is a T-shirt, you cannot wear a graphic T to a job.  This is a really casual shirt I typically wear it to lounge or run errands, I do sometimes wear it on casual Fridays with colored jeans and a nice necklace.  This was the shirt I wanted to wear because I can wear a comfy bra and no undershirt so I asked what can I wear this shirt with to get away with it?

To dress up the T-shirt to make it work appropriate it needs to be paired with statement work pieces. First, the bottoms I picked a pencil skirt, this skirt in particular is great for dressing things up. It’s a statement work piece that when paired with this ultra casual shirt all of a sudden the outfit is work appropriate.  Then because I do sit down in meetings I did need to dress up the top so I added this statement necklace.

All in all I was very comfortable today and pretty pleased with this outfit. Will it be added to my regular rotation? Nah I’ll leave it for those desperate days when I am tired.

Let me know your thoughts.


Navy is my new black

Hello hello!  So is navy the new black?  Is it the got to color that can go well with everything?  I certainly think so. Maybe it is just but I love using Navy as my go to dark neutral color (don’t get me wrong I still love black).  I think it probably has something to do with blue always being one of my favorite colors and it looks good on me.


I went out this weekend for a couple of friends birthdays and I really wanted to wear this top.  Its lose and comfortable and has a really deep V in the front which I love.  Before going out I tried it on with all sorts of different jeans, light wash, dark wash, bright colors and none of them looked really good.  I was avoiding this pair of jeans because the color is so similar to the top but finally I tried them on and was not disappointed.  The outfit I actually thought looked really good in the one color.  I brightened it up with the very sparkly necklace and the brown boots.

This shirt is great, it is kind of shear (which I am all about) but the fabric is thick enough that I do not need to wear an undershirt.  I think without the undershirt the deep V is not really that noticeable, so I love the subtle sex appeal of it.

Let me know your thoughts


When Work Dinners Come Up

Hello Hello!!  Well marketing is in town this week and that means presentations and work dinners.  I always feel like I need to dress up more then I already do for these weeks.  (Don’t get me wrong I love dressing up and usually do for work, but when marketing is in town I just notch it up a little bit).  Usually me dressing up for then I already do is me wearing heels.

Bold skirts all day every day! These are probably two of my favorite pencil skirts, they are pretty comfortable so I can wear them all day.  Which makes them perfect for marketing week, I can wear them all day and work and still be comfortable and fancy enough for a marketing dinner. I love to pair these skirts with these lose sheer shirts, they give a very professional vibe.

These heels I have had FOREVER, I mean forever, I bought them when I was in college interviewing for jobs.  Since I have had them so long they are one of the most comfortable pairs I own, and can wear them all day.

When I think about wearing work clothes all day long and into the evening, I am looking to wear my skirts with stretch and give to them, and then I want to wear a lose shirt.  This combo combines to make the outfit easier to wear all day and will balance out the fact that wearing heels all day kind of sucks no matter how much you have broken in the shoes.

Let me know your thoughts


Ah, St Patty’s Day

Hello Hello!!  So when I was cleaning out my closet I realized that I do not own anything green, which is an interesting situation to be in with St. Patty’s Day around the corner.  Apparently if you do not wear green its a travesty.  So I went on Amazon because maybe I can find a shirt in green that I didn’t hate.  (Although not in Kelly green because that color looks bad on me).

So I went looking for olive green, this is a color I actually really like right now and I have been looking for a shirt just haven’t been able to find one.  I didn’t know how this one was going to work out when I ordered it but I am actually really happy about it.  The material is really soft and it is super lose and comfy.

I did not take the day off but had plans to meet some friends right after work so I had to make this work appropriate but also able to transform for going out.  The pics are from before work, I added a white blazer to make it work better in the office setting.  I tucked in the shirt in the front to give me back a waist.

In order to transform this for going out I really didn’t change much.  I removed the black undershirt, since it has a high neck I wanted to add a little bit of more sex appeal to the outfit.  I wore one of my bras that goes a little bit lower then a normal bra, this gave a pic-a-boo affect with my side/ rib area.  I loved this look and will wear it out again.

This shirt was so amazing that I may actually buy it in more colors.  It is very versatile, I’m planning to wear mine when I chill around my apartment, when I casually go our tucked into shorts or jeans and obviously it worked really well for going out.

Let me know your thoughts


Spring cleaning

Hello Hello!!  What is up?  So about once a year, usually in the spring, I get antsy about my closet and really want to clean it out.  In the weeks leading up to me actually doing this I eye the clothes that I want to get rid of.

Going in I usually have an idea of what I really think needs to go, and I know what I keep because I wear them most often.  I made the comment a few weeks back that I bet I would not be able to get rid of any of my little black dresses, that was accurate.  I tried them all on still loved them all and thought these are cornerstones of my wardrobe what if I need them?

Any ways this past weekend I cleaned out the closet, and I am actually pretty proud of how much I was willing to part with.  This spring cleaning was probably the most I have cleaned out of my closet in years and currently when I look at my closet it looks like I am missing so many clothes. It feels good, reminds me of some of my clothes that I forgot about.

So there is the pile of clothes I got rid of.  Stitch Fix allows you to re-purpose the box and gives you a free packaging slip, I decided to use this to ship my clothes back.  Because last year it took me like 3 months to get them out of my apartment.  Now I still have plans to clean out my shoes, there are plenty I don’t wear in there any more but I figure baby steps.

The dress on the right was actually a dress that I had been eyeing to give away.  I haven’t worn it in years, mostly because last time I wore it it was too tight around my butt.  Made sitting at my desk hard, so I kind of put it in my closet and forgot about it.  Since the last time I wore it, I have been working out more and apparently its working.  (I personally thought I was the same size but not the case).  I am excited about this because the dress is great for work but also can be worn to a work function.  Or in case you had my problem last year this would be great for a funeral.

Let me know your thoughts



How to choose what boots to wear?

Hello Hello!!  Well winter came back this week, how unfortunate…  The weather went from 70s and sunny last week to 30s and windy and cold.  So obviously we are back to boots season (I am not mad about that), I love boots season.

So this Friday since its back to boots season, I go back to my usual debate of what booties should I wear this time?  The weather is 20s/30s, its windy and might snow/ rain later in the day.  So boots are like the only option I am considering for footwear.  (I cannot wear my sorel boots because they are not quite acceptable as office attire).

So, which look better?


Personally I like the ones on the right, the V on the front of them looks better and elongates my leg.  These are also my new boots so I love to wear them all the time.  The issue is that these are suede, and I did seal them but I don’t want to just wear them out while it is snowing/ raining.  That is asking to get my booties ruined.   Which was why I was having the debate, part of the problem was I probably should not have tried them on at the same time.  The side by side with the same outfit really made me want to wear the new ones.

Then I stepped outside and realized, mans its freezing out there… So that made me rethink wanting to have my ankles out.  So I wore these.


I have 2 pairs of knee high boots that are my fall backs in the winter, both are warm and great to wear at any time in the winter.  I wore these to keep my calves and legs extra warm.  I apparently turn into a baby about the cold once I have 70 degree weather.  haha.

So then the question is aren’t these suede as well?  Won’t they be ruined as well with the weather?  So yes probably they will,  I have had these boots for about 5 years now, and I do love them, but I have been on the look out for a very similar boot so I can retire these.  Now its not like I am wearing these out in a rain storm, there was just some potential for snow.  So I am a little bit more willing to risk it with these boots. (Please feel free to let me know if you know where I can get similar boots, they have a hidden heel).

Let me know your thoughts.


Love Wearing Cuffs (bracelets)

Hello Hello!!  Who would have thought I would love to wear bracelets?  Not me, I have never been a big bracelet person.  And a few years ago I like cuffs/ bangles even less, but here I am buying them.  It probably all started when I started wearing a bracelet every day to keep my hairbands off my wrist and now I don’t mind wearing bracelets.

These cuffs are from The Styled Collection (mostly) and they are the reason I was looking into buying more bracelets.  I like that they are edgy and minimalist at the same time.  The first cuff I bought is the one on the far left, I have talked about this one before it is the one that keeps my hairbands from strangling my wrists.  The rest kind of followed after buying the first one.  My personal favorite is the one with the pearls, it is rose gold and the pearls are held on by what looks like bike gears.  It has this really cool look to it that I could not pass up.   The one on the far left is this cool cuff that is squared off at the top, I have never seen a bracelet like this.

I have been experimenting with stacking them, which is a little difficult since currently all I have been doing is going to work.  My one critique with the stacking is the jingling they make when they hit each other.  I have added the leather band bracelet between the two to minimize it.

Let me know your thoughts,


Elevating your graphic T

Hello Hello!!  Wearing a graphic tee out on the weekend, seems a little out of the box.  I honestly did not expect to wear this out for a big night going to get drinks but I kind of just ended up with it.  I went to happy hour came home and a friend texted me asking if I wanted to go get dinner and drinks.  I didn’t want to wear my business casual clothes out because I wanted to be more comfortable.  Since I thought it was going to be a really chill night I just went with a graphic t.


I love my graphic Ts, my family buys them for because they usually have funny sayings or are about my hometown, Milwaukee.  I wish I had more opportunities to wear them.  Usually my Tees are delegated to wearing around my apartment or to bed.  This graphic Tee is great, it features a cartoon Bernie Brewer pointing with the quote “you look like I need a beer” below it, too funny.

Anyway since I thought I was in for a chill night hanging out with 1 or 2 friends, I decided to wear it.  I had no real plans of meeting new people, I could just laugh about the quote on the shirt with my friends.  I tucked the tee into a pair of black skinny jeans, paired with some heeled booties.  Tucking the shirt in elevates the look, instead of it looking like you are lazy wearing a t-shirt, it looks intentional to make a statement.  Adding the heels and sparkly necklace tops off the look as a chill going out outfit.

Now in reality the night was way longer then a few drinks with 1 or 2 friends, but we went out and I met a ton of people.  At this point I had already decided I was going to own the look and had a good time.  A lot of people I met appreciated it.  I was really comfortable.  I didn’t have to worry about my boobs being out or anything, I just got to have fun.  I’d recommend doing this with a tee, if you are confident and can own it go for it.  I will do something like this again, I am thinking of tucking the T into a fancy skirt as the next look.

Let me know your thoughts


My Bootie Problem

Hello hello!!  I fully acknowledge my boots and bootie problem, I love them and I do not seem to be able to stop myself from buying them.  I tend to find a pair that I like, think about it for a bit and then buy them anyways. haha

This has happened on the last 2 pairs of boots that I purchased, and somehow I stumbled upon another pair that I really liked.  They are also by the same designer that I got my  pair of over the knee boots that I love.  I was doing really good convincing myself I didn’t need them, then they went on sale… These booties


Here they are, I have no regrets.  I just got them today and have been wearing them around my house.  I cannot wait to wear them in real life. haha.  I will tell you more when I wear them out.

Let me know your thoughts.