February Weather

Hello hello!  What about all that weird weather we are having?  75 degrees in February, who would have thought?  I love to walk places whenever possible, I walk to work, I walk to the gym, I walk to the bar, you get it.  Anyways in winter I don’t really like to walk every where because its cold out but recently we are having a heatwave.

This weather makes picking out jackets really hard.  When I walk to work in the morning its really chilly, so I need a coat but once I leave work I don’t.  When I go out for drinks I don’t need a coat when I leave but on the way home I really want one.  I’ve been having a little struggle with how heavy of a coat to wear.

Leaving for work in the morning.

I have been wearing my nice blue trench coat, its light and easy to wear when I walk to work.  But when I walk home I usually fold the coat and put it in a nice bag.  I hate to do this because I feel like I am balling up this really nice coat.  So I have started wearing my cargo jacket to work, it is about the same amount of warmth but I don’t feel so bad folding it up and putting it in a bag.  Both work really well, they are just heavy enough to keep me warm when walking but light enough that if I wore it on the walk home it would not be overly hot.

Out to dinner.


The opposite issue happens at night when I walk to dinner, the walk to the restaurant it is warm enough not to need a coat but once you leave the restaurant it is necessary.  I usually wear a leather jacket out at night.  It does make the walk to dinner a little bit warm but it is light enough that it is not a huge issue.  What is really great about wearing the leather jacket is on the walk home it blocks the wind.  This allows me to be wear a light jacket and not be too cold on the walk home.

Let me know your thoughts


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