Beach Party in Winter

Hello Hello!!  Sorry for the delay, I was traveling all weekend and chilling with my family.  My parents have a new puppy so you will have to understand why I have not updated this weekend.  That new puppy is so cute and nice and spent my time cuddling with him.

Anyways, I went home because it was my dad’s birthday and he was throwing himself a huge party, yes he did throw himself a party.  My dad is the life of the party and he planned a beach themed birthday for himself.  Yes it is the middle of February and he does not live somewhere warm…

So what do you wear to a beach party hosted by your dad in the middle of winter?  Well that was the question for a few months, any beach clothing seemed in appropriate for winter.


This is what I landed on, a maxi skirt with a white top half tucked in.  The skirt gives off the very summery vibe I was looking for as well as the white top.  I also spent time curling my hair to give it some waves.  My compromise with the winter temperature was to wear a pair of Toms instead of sandals.  I also wore my chambray shirt as a cardigan, to have the summery look but have my arms covered.  (I forgot to take pics but I did previously wear this outfit in the summer which is why I am tan in the photo).

Let me know your thoughts


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