Grandpa Cardigan

Hello Hello!!  What is up?  For those of you not too busy watching the game (any body outside of USA may not know it is SuperBowl Sunday) I am writing a quick blog post about a cardigan.

I call it my grandpa cardigan, I think the product description said boyfriend cardigan but it reminds me of a sweater my grandpa used to wear so that is what I am going to call it.  This is the cardigan it looks super light which it is but it still manages to be one of the warmest cardigans I own.  Now I actually would not recommend buying it now, I would wait I think Amazon owns the brand so I would check back on one of Amazon’s big sale days to see if it goes on sale.  I bought it for about half the price on one of those days, totally worth it for $30, not so much at $60.

I bought it in grey and love to wear it unbuttoned and open like this. I think it really compliments any wardrobe because it is lose.  I enjoy wearing it with a v-neck shirt tucked into skinny jeans because the cardigan is long enough that it will cover up my butt.  I have been wearing it to work as well, I have been mostly wearing it like the middle picture.  I wear it with one of my skirts, it will dress it down a little bit but still be business casually appropriate.

Outfit from Friday night going to dinner and a movie with a friend.  Layered it up with one of my leather jackets, loving the look and will probably wear it more.

Let me know your thoughts.


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