Home Decor – Canvas Prints

Hello Hello!!!  One of my favorite things about the city I currently live in, is I LOVE my apartment.  Finding it was like finding a diamond in the rough, and it is amazing, I want to transport it to every city I move to going forward.  Over the past few years I have been out of college, it has been a slow change to up my home decor game from the college posters to where it is now.  I have been slowing working all the posters and free ugly paintings out of my life and I will share more of my home decor going forward.

Today I just want to share some great canvas prints I bought recently.  I went to my hometown for my dad’s birthday and the bar where the party was at had artist prints on the wall and most of them caught my attention.  When I found out the artist had a website  I was so excited because it meant that I may be able to get them shipped to me.


These are the prints that I bought, when I opened the package they came in I immediately hung them up.  I was debating between putting them up in two places, in the living room and in the bedroom.  I wanted them in the living room because I want them to be one of the first things people see.  But decided that there was not enough room so I hung them up in my bedroom.


I eyeballed them all when putting them up and still debating if they are aligned.  I hung them up above my bed which is up against the wall.  I am thinking about painting the white part of the painting on the left in order to make it stick out less.  Will keep you posted on how that goes.

Let me know your thoughts.


February Weather

Hello hello!  What about all that weird weather we are having?  75 degrees in February, who would have thought?  I love to walk places whenever possible, I walk to work, I walk to the gym, I walk to the bar, you get it.  Anyways in winter I don’t really like to walk every where because its cold out but recently we are having a heatwave.

This weather makes picking out jackets really hard.  When I walk to work in the morning its really chilly, so I need a coat but once I leave work I don’t.  When I go out for drinks I don’t need a coat when I leave but on the way home I really want one.  I’ve been having a little struggle with how heavy of a coat to wear.

Leaving for work in the morning.

I have been wearing my nice blue trench coat, its light and easy to wear when I walk to work.  But when I walk home I usually fold the coat and put it in a nice bag.  I hate to do this because I feel like I am balling up this really nice coat.  So I have started wearing my cargo jacket to work, it is about the same amount of warmth but I don’t feel so bad folding it up and putting it in a bag.  Both work really well, they are just heavy enough to keep me warm when walking but light enough that if I wore it on the walk home it would not be overly hot.

Out to dinner.


The opposite issue happens at night when I walk to dinner, the walk to the restaurant it is warm enough not to need a coat but once you leave the restaurant it is necessary.  I usually wear a leather jacket out at night.  It does make the walk to dinner a little bit warm but it is light enough that it is not a huge issue.  What is really great about wearing the leather jacket is on the walk home it blocks the wind.  This allows me to be wear a light jacket and not be too cold on the walk home.

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Taking Friday Casual to Dinner

Hello Hello!!  What’s up?  (Sorry for the delay I’ve been fighting a cold all week).  Fridays at work are casual days but still any outfit has to meet work’s standards for casual.  Don’t get me wrong my work is super lax on enforcing what can and cannot be worn, but I like to not push the envelope.

This Friday it was beautiful here, like 65 in February, I could not resist walking to work but I also had to go almost directly to dinner and drinks with my friend upon getting home.  I wanted to do a quick change of my outfit before heading out, so here are my tips on how to make a quick change by only altering a few things.

I actually went pretty casual for work on Friday, and since it was so warm I went for an outfit that felt a little springy.

I bought this white shirt awhile ago and I love wearing it, its super comfy and it is this crisp white color.  I love wearing it on Fridays because it is lose chill and looks good with my skinny jeans.  When I walked to work it was a little chilly out so I wore my trench coat, always makes any outfit more professional.

Now how to take this professional casual look to dinner and drinks.


I only changed 2 things, with an optional third change if you wanted to be fancier   First and most obvious I changed my jacket traded my trench coat for a leather jacket.  The leather jacket adds some edge which makes it perfect for going out.  The second change is my accessories, I switched necklaces from a more conservative statement necklace to a loud statement necklace.  The neckline of this shirt begs to be worn with a statement necklace and this flashy glam one is perfect for going out.  These changes combined to take the casual work look to a casual going out look.  (The change took a total of maybe 5 minutes).

Now for those of you that want to have a fancier going out look the third item you will want to change is the shoes.  I stuck with my toms but I was doing a pretty casual dinner, you will want to change to heels.  This outfit would look great with a pair of heels, I am personally inclined to pair with my red pumps.  But also will great with a pair of black heeled strapy sandals.

Let me know your thoughts


Beach Party in Winter

Hello Hello!!  Sorry for the delay, I was traveling all weekend and chilling with my family.  My parents have a new puppy so you will have to understand why I have not updated this weekend.  That new puppy is so cute and nice and spent my time cuddling with him.

Anyways, I went home because it was my dad’s birthday and he was throwing himself a huge party, yes he did throw himself a party.  My dad is the life of the party and he planned a beach themed birthday for himself.  Yes it is the middle of February and he does not live somewhere warm…

So what do you wear to a beach party hosted by your dad in the middle of winter?  Well that was the question for a few months, any beach clothing seemed in appropriate for winter.


This is what I landed on, a maxi skirt with a white top half tucked in.  The skirt gives off the very summery vibe I was looking for as well as the white top.  I also spent time curling my hair to give it some waves.  My compromise with the winter temperature was to wear a pair of Toms instead of sandals.  I also wore my chambray shirt as a cardigan, to have the summery look but have my arms covered.  (I forgot to take pics but I did previously wear this outfit in the summer which is why I am tan in the photo).

Let me know your thoughts


Booties with some flare

Hello Hello!! I got some New booties!  And I am pretty excited about them.  I have been looking for black boots for awhile, I have a lot of brown ones but no black boots.  Then I stumbled across these boots with this amazing gold/ chrome heel.


These come in 3 colors, black, brown and burgundy, I did have a long debate when ordering these about getting the burgundy.  I do love burgundy right now.  But in the end I went with black I figured they would be more versatile in my wardrobe, which they are.  Also these boots are actually more comfortable then I thought they would be.  The heel is 4 inches high so they are not for the faint of heart but if you can wear that high of heels go for it.  These are great, they didn’t hurt my feet at all.  (I am really good in heels but the fact that the heel on these are chunky makes them easy to wear for awhile).

I was waiting to share these until I have worn them a few times and have an opinion about them.  I have been wearing them going out, casually, on date and I wore them to work (not recommended given the heel height).  I love wearing them with skinny jeans rolled up, makes me feel great and in charge of my life.

Yes I have an obsession with black skinny jeans but they are just so comfy and look so good.  Especially when worn with these boots, which at $42 are actually reasonably priced.

Let me know your thoughts.


Grandpa Cardigan

Hello Hello!!  What is up?  For those of you not too busy watching the game (any body outside of USA may not know it is SuperBowl Sunday) I am writing a quick blog post about a cardigan.

I call it my grandpa cardigan, I think the product description said boyfriend cardigan but it reminds me of a sweater my grandpa used to wear so that is what I am going to call it.  This is the cardigan it looks super light which it is but it still manages to be one of the warmest cardigans I own.  Now I actually would not recommend buying it now, I would wait I think Amazon owns the brand so I would check back on one of Amazon’s big sale days to see if it goes on sale.  I bought it for about half the price on one of those days, totally worth it for $30, not so much at $60.

I bought it in grey and love to wear it unbuttoned and open like this. I think it really compliments any wardrobe because it is lose.  I enjoy wearing it with a v-neck shirt tucked into skinny jeans because the cardigan is long enough that it will cover up my butt.  I have been wearing it to work as well, I have been mostly wearing it like the middle picture.  I wear it with one of my skirts, it will dress it down a little bit but still be business casually appropriate.

Outfit from Friday night going to dinner and a movie with a friend.  Layered it up with one of my leather jackets, loving the look and will probably wear it more.

Let me know your thoughts.


The Best Makeup Remover

Hello Hello! So I am going to talk about something I don’t normally talk about, makeup.  More specifically makeup remover.  So we all love wearing make up, giving our eyes that extra pop or our face that extra glisten, or that bold red lip.  I personally love all these but on a normal day I tend to wear eyeliner and mascara. But I always get to the end of the day and hate makeup remover pads and how many it takes to get all the make up off, and I worry over the chemicals.

So when I found this makeup eraser wash cloth, I thought it was too good to be true.  I decided that for less than $20 it was worth giving a chance considering I already spend a lot of money on make up removing pads/ wipes. I have been using this for 2 weeks and I cannot tell you how happy I am with it.

All you have to do is add warm water to the microfiber cloth and wipe away all the make up.  The first time I used it was literally amazed, I hadn’t seen my face that makeup free in a long time, (you know you always have some remnants left on your face even after using the pads).  Once it is dirty all you have to do is throw it in the wash with your other towels.  The packaging claims says its good for up to 1,000 washes, and even if it doesn’t get that many it will save you money.  I wash it once a week so I anticipate I may have to buy 2 of these a year, and I will take that over 12 makeup removing packages.

So the one on the left has all my eyeliner and mascara on it and the one on the right is taken right after I washed it.  I was the most skeptical about all the make up just washing off but guess what it did.  I am so happy because now I can just continue to not have to buy makeup removing pads.  I seriously recommend this to anyone who wants an alternative makeup remover and who worries about the chemicals.

Let me know your thoughts