Layering on a chilly day

Hello Hello!!  I do not want to be political but I did march Saturday and wanted to talk about layering up for a chilly day.

I wanted to wear the tank top so that everyone would be able to read it,the only problem is that it’s January not quite tank top weather.  So I spent some thought on how it would be possible for this to happen.  I went into my coat closet and found my burgundy leather jacket and thought it would be perfect but a little light.

I thought about a few things to solve the warmth problem.  I tried a long grey cardigan which is very warm but did look a little odd with the coat.  This was my original plan to wear the long cardigan but decided against it.  So I went back to the closet and got my black fleece jacket which is the same length as the leather jacket.  I think this worked out nicely and did not take away from the outfit as a whole.

If anyone is interested in the tank top it is here as well as this.

Let me know your thoughts


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