These Tights

Hello World! I just want to take a minute to talk about a real workhorse of my wardrobe. I am going to talk about tights, I know I know how lame.  But I really want to touch on this topic really quickly today.  So I have probably mentioned this before but I really do not like to wear work pants, a good pair are really hard to find and they are for the most part not comfortable to work in.  In the winter I still really strive to continue to wear my skirts and dress outfits, not all of them but a few.  As previously stated I live somewhere with winter so in order to make this outfit work I add a pair of tights.

These tights are what I wear all the time in the winter.  Why do I love them?  They go really high as well as the waist band on these is large, its not a control top, but what this does is make sure the tights do not bit into you or create a love handle.  I wear these all the time, and they are unbelievably durable.  I have owned a few pairs for the past 2 years and they have no runs in them and still look like new.  I seriously recommend that you buy these they are worth the money.

I know if you go to the link they do cost a lot but seriously worth the money, I have never gotten a run in mine.

Let me know your thoughts

(Sorry about the delay I meant to post this yesterday but there was an ice storm and was caught at my friends)

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