New Great Work Skirt

Hello People!  I know I have talked about this skirt before in a post but that was the first day I had it and I wanted to share again now that I have been wearing it a lot.  This skirt from J Crew is actually amazing, more so then I originally thought.  I usually do not shop at J. Crew since I think it is a little bit uppity for my taste so I usually will not go into the store.  This sidewalk skirt might change my mind about them.

First I got it in this tweed color

I just love it the more I wear it.  So I wore the one on the left to work, the middle going out, and the right going on a date.  So this skirt can be super versatile in any wardrobe.  The skirt cinches at the waist with this elastic band that actually is incorporated in the style and super cute.  As the tightest part of the skirt is the waist the skirt can work on more body types then just mine, just be sure when styling to hit your good features.

It has pockets!!! Did you hear that? It has pockets! Almost reason enough to buy it. Haha

I have been wearing this skirt to work paired with tights, and it looks so good.  Since it is winter I prefer to wear tights and boots over pants so it is fitting into my wardrobe fairly nicely.  After figuring out that I love this skirt, I went back to J. Crew’s website and was looking for this skirt maybe in a different color.  This led me to the basic colors they offer in this skirt, now some are really cute but I was going for a skirt that I could wear to work and make it work in other situations.


So I asked for it as a present for Christmas and then I got really impatient waiting to see if someone bought it for me that I just went and bought it myself.  I am so excited to wear this again and again.  I am unhappy that I already wore it this week and cannot work it into the wardrobe sooner.  (As a side note I totally wore this skirt one day fallowed the next by the tweed skirt).

For sizing I will say I am usually a size 4 or 6 if the item runs small, I ordered a few different sizes the first time and the size 2 fit me best.  I will say the waist has a lot of stretch in it so I would order based off of how wide the hips are.  I do not have wide hips so it is probably why the smaller size fit better.

Let me know your thoughts.


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