How to create the illusion of a smaller waist

Hello hello!! Yes I know the first question, do you have to do this aren’t you already skinny?  So yes I am skinny but I am not curvy, my waist does not really curve in much.  If I wear a traditional bodycon dress, from the front I look like I don’t have a shape, where as from the side you can see I have curves.  (Pics below, I dug out my last bodycon dress and I tried it on for you).  So this is due to the fact that I do not have a large chest and I have small hips, so my waist curves in but not by a lot.

So this is a dress that is probably going to be given away the next time I clean out my closet.  The pic on the left is not as flattering as a typically bodycon dress.  But from the side you can see that I do have curves.  This dress was one I bought in college when all I really wanted was short and tight. Now that I am a little older I dress to highlight my figure better.

In order to make my waist stand out and appear smaller in dresses or skirts, I do one of two things.

  • I wear a top that is tight on top and on the bottom look for a skirt that flares out from the body at least a little bit.
  • Or I wear a skirt that is tight and pair it with a shirt that is loose.

I picked this dress to use for this because it is similar to the other one in color and shape.  I like this one a lot more then the other one because it flatters my figure better.  This dress fits into the first category, it has a tight top and even though the bottom appears tight in the pic on the right you see it is only tight right at the waist.  The dress highlights my waist because the top of the dress appears to float and the skirt portion is tight at the waist creating a very flattering silhouette.

These outfits fit into the second category- tight skirt paired with a loose top.  This is typically an outfit I wear to work using my pencil skirts for the bottom.  These are both examples I wore last week, these skirts are staples in my work wardrobe.  On top I usually use a sheer top with a cami underneath, I own a good variety of these tops to be worn with my pencil skirts.  The silhouette is created by the skirt with is doing all the work, the loose top being tucked into the skirt highlights the waist.

Here are a few more examples-

Let me know your thoughts


Dance Mesh Tights

Hello Hello!!  Now we all know I love Reebok workout pants, I personally think they are the best and at the most reasonably price. I said in my last post about workout pants that if they made them in more colors I would buy them.  Well here I am talking about a similar pair of tights in a purple color.

Reebok has made these dance mesh tights in a purple color.


So I did a barre workout and a cardio workout in these to test them out and get a feel for how much I like them.  To be very honest, I do not like them as much as I like other mesh moves tights that Reebok makes (seriously make those in more colors).  So these are a little odd, they are tight all the way up my legs which is fine, but the waist is is a little lose.  When I was doing the barre workout I had to pull them up more then I wanted to.  During the cardio workout they did stay on me but I was sweatier so they may have lead too that.

Now with all that being said I still do like me, I love the mesh cutouts in the legs.  If all my workout pants could have some mesh cutouts I would love it.  So these pants workout well for me and look good on my legs. I will say that you should be careful with your sizing, I typically wear XS in Reebok and that is the size I have in the other mesh moves tights.  But they are tight on the legs, so I would recommend buying 2 sizes and once and returning the ones that don’t fit.

Let me know your thoughts


Layering on a chilly day

Hello Hello!!  I do not want to be political but I did march Saturday and wanted to talk about layering up for a chilly day.

I wanted to wear the tank top so that everyone would be able to read it,the only problem is that it’s January not quite tank top weather.  So I spent some thought on how it would be possible for this to happen.  I went into my coat closet and found my burgundy leather jacket and thought it would be perfect but a little light.

I thought about a few things to solve the warmth problem.  I tried a long grey cardigan which is very warm but did look a little odd with the coat.  This was my original plan to wear the long cardigan but decided against it.  So I went back to the closet and got my black fleece jacket which is the same length as the leather jacket.  I think this worked out nicely and did not take away from the outfit as a whole.

If anyone is interested in the tank top it is here as well as this.

Let me know your thoughts


When winter ends it is time to buy winter gear

Hello hello!!  I wanted to talk about winter gear right now, why now?  Well because winter coats and boots are expensive and the cheapest time to buy is at the end of the season.  This is going to be geared towards actual winter clothing so if you live in a warmer climate might not find it quite so helpful.

These are my serious winter gear, when I wear these I typically do not take pictures of myself when I have them on.  But this coat and boots are amazing in cold weather, snow, and ice.  These boots I would just watch them, to see if they get cheaper.  They are the best boots that I have had, and that is saying something since I have lived somewhere with winter 6 months out of the year.

The coat I actually bought at a Columbia outlet store, if you live by one go.  They have really great deals if you buy from the store and they give $ off when you buy so much.  I really like this coat because around the neck it is all fleece lined.  As well as on the inside has the reflectors which keep the warmth in.

So I really like Columbia and tend to buy their outerwear whenever I need a coat.  I actually think most of my coats are from Columbia and I have no complaints.

Let me know your thoughts.


These Tights

Hello World! I just want to take a minute to talk about a real workhorse of my wardrobe. I am going to talk about tights, I know I know how lame.  But I really want to touch on this topic really quickly today.  So I have probably mentioned this before but I really do not like to wear work pants, a good pair are really hard to find and they are for the most part not comfortable to work in.  In the winter I still really strive to continue to wear my skirts and dress outfits, not all of them but a few.  As previously stated I live somewhere with winter so in order to make this outfit work I add a pair of tights.

These tights are what I wear all the time in the winter.  Why do I love them?  They go really high as well as the waist band on these is large, its not a control top, but what this does is make sure the tights do not bit into you or create a love handle.  I wear these all the time, and they are unbelievably durable.  I have owned a few pairs for the past 2 years and they have no runs in them and still look like new.  I seriously recommend that you buy these they are worth the money.

I know if you go to the link they do cost a lot but seriously worth the money, I have never gotten a run in mine.

Let me know your thoughts

(Sorry about the delay I meant to post this yesterday but there was an ice storm and was caught at my friends)

I love wearing blazers as cardigans

Hello Hello!! I  have been noticing that I am working my blazers into my every day work wear by using them as cardigans.  Now I know the question, don’t you feel overly dressed up?  Or doesn’t everyone think that you are interviewing for another job?  The answers are not really and yes sometimes respectively.

I just got this black one, the grey one I got over the summer and the blue one I have had for years.  It started with this blue professor blazer with these great suede elbow patches and the inside pattern that shows when the sleeves are rolled up.  I looked in my closet at this blazer and was like why don’t I wear this more?  I love it, it is one of my favorites.  So I just decided to wear it more. The picture on the right I wore the blazer to work and then traveled right after work, it was perfect for layering.

This grey cardigan I bought from the extra clearance section of Ann Taylor Loft, I had to hem the sleeves because they were too long, but it worked out.  I love this one because it does not have any buttons and the material is very soft, not stiff like a blazer usually is.  It gives off a more casual then business vibe.  The color is grey almost white so I wear it often to lighten up outfits.  The middle picture above I believe was when I went on a date.

This black cardigan is the newest, so I haven’t worn it too much yet but I am pretty sure it will be worn frequently.  So I see this one as the middle compromise between the professor blazer and the chill white one.  It is made of soft material like the grey one but has the buttons and elbow patches like the professor blazer.  Keep an eye out for this one in the future I will likely post pics with it in the future.

Let me know your thoughts


Over the knee boots

Hello hello!  I wanted to revisit this topic, please see the blog/ rant I did a few months ago when I was looking for over the knee boots.  The gist of that is that I was annoyed that finding a pair of boots to fit my calves was so hard, I work out and think I have average calves nothing huge but apparently too big for the fashion industry.

I have found a pair I think are worthy to talk about on the blog, and I love them so much.  Now to be very honest, I really wanted a good pair and was willing to pay to get a great pair.  The pair I bought was Vince Camuto Melaya Over the knee boots, they were a Nordstrom exclusive and appear to have sold out, but I would recommend the designer because these boots are amazing.  I was waiting to share because I well they were back ordered when I bought them and then I was away when they got to my apartment and then I wanted to wait to wear them to get a feel for them.  They are undoubtedly amazing and look great with any outfit, I wish I could wear them more.

So I have been wearing them on dates, as that is where these two outfits came from.  And seriously I honestly just love to wear them, I wore them at my apartment for hours one Sunday trying on my dresses to see which looked best.  And if they ever do come back into stock I will have a serious thought about buying them again because they are that great of a boot.

Yes this is from the Sunday that I spent trying on clothing but needless to say the dress I am really excited to wear these boots out with are shift dresses.  I feel like it just adds another element and makes my legs look super good and they make a statement.

Anyway let me know your thoughts


New Great Work Skirt

Hello People!  I know I have talked about this skirt before in a post but that was the first day I had it and I wanted to share again now that I have been wearing it a lot.  This skirt from J Crew is actually amazing, more so then I originally thought.  I usually do not shop at J. Crew since I think it is a little bit uppity for my taste so I usually will not go into the store.  This sidewalk skirt might change my mind about them.

First I got it in this tweed color

I just love it the more I wear it.  So I wore the one on the left to work, the middle going out, and the right going on a date.  So this skirt can be super versatile in any wardrobe.  The skirt cinches at the waist with this elastic band that actually is incorporated in the style and super cute.  As the tightest part of the skirt is the waist the skirt can work on more body types then just mine, just be sure when styling to hit your good features.

It has pockets!!! Did you hear that? It has pockets! Almost reason enough to buy it. Haha

I have been wearing this skirt to work paired with tights, and it looks so good.  Since it is winter I prefer to wear tights and boots over pants so it is fitting into my wardrobe fairly nicely.  After figuring out that I love this skirt, I went back to J. Crew’s website and was looking for this skirt maybe in a different color.  This led me to the basic colors they offer in this skirt, now some are really cute but I was going for a skirt that I could wear to work and make it work in other situations.


So I asked for it as a present for Christmas and then I got really impatient waiting to see if someone bought it for me that I just went and bought it myself.  I am so excited to wear this again and again.  I am unhappy that I already wore it this week and cannot work it into the wardrobe sooner.  (As a side note I totally wore this skirt one day fallowed the next by the tweed skirt).

For sizing I will say I am usually a size 4 or 6 if the item runs small, I ordered a few different sizes the first time and the size 2 fit me best.  I will say the waist has a lot of stretch in it so I would order based off of how wide the hips are.  I do not have wide hips so it is probably why the smaller size fit better.

Let me know your thoughts.


Ah 2016, it was a roller coaster

Hello Everyone!! I just wanted to take a minute to reflect on 2016.  This was the year that I started my blog, I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for when I started this but I knew I wanted to get my opinion out there and hopefully inspire some outfits for others.  I am happy I had the blog this year it was a distraction that I really enjoyed and needed.

2016- This is a year that I am happy to see come to an end, and I would never repeat this year.  If you follow me on the blog or Instagram you probably are aware I was at a log of funerals this year (the total was 5).  I am not sure how it happened but I went to more funerals then weddings this year.  Blogging really helped me get past this year, and sharing outfits made me happier in this dismal year.

So I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who came to my blog, looked at anything, liked anything or gave me feedback.  This year especially I really appreciated it more then you know.  I am excited for 2017 and hopefully I do not need to use my funeral outfits as much as I did this year.

Here are my favorite outfits from the blog this year.

Alright these are my favorites (started with my funeral outfit as it got a lot of use), I will continue this in 2017 but wanted to let everyone know how grateful I am to have this outlet.

2017 I hope you are significantly better then 2016 and I am intrigued to find out.