Getting Ready for NYE

Hello Hello!! Now that Christmas is over I can start thinking about New Years Eve plans and more importantly an NYE outfit.  When I think of the perfect NYE outfit I think of a tight sequin dress.  Now this is not my usual style and I personally don’t think I look my best in this outfit.  So this year I decided before I went out and bought a dress that I would probably only get one use out of, maybe I should check my closet to see if I have an outfit I could wear.

I found 2 outfits that I think will work out both are dresses/ skirts, I did think about wearing skinny jean as I do live in the Great White North but I can do that any time I go out.  And on New Years my goal is to dress up fancy and go out.

(Please ignore my hair and lack of jewelry, when I have free time I like to try on my clothes).  I bought this black lace dress a few months ago because it is a staple of any wardrobe and I didn’t have one.   This dress is lace all over, tight (but with room to breath) and this back.  The reason I bought this dress was due to the back, which from my waist up only has lace covering which looks amazing.  (It didn’t picture as well as I wanted it to). I  plan to pair it with my new red pumps.

This is my second outfit I tried on for NYE, to me it feels a little bit more grown up since its not skin tight but also has the peekaboo going on with the skin showing on the bralette top.  I like this skirt because I don’t have to worry about it riding up all night and as you can see it has pockets.  As you can see I was having a debate about what shoes to wear, the pumps or the over the knee boots.  I think the pumps look better with the outfit and show off my legs, but I felt like trying on the boots just because it is cold here and it would be nice to have my leg covered.

Let me know your thoughts on the outfits and if you have any questions


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