Cargo Jacket

Hello, hello!!  I want to share this cargo jacket I bought and talk about why I really like it.   I talked about looking for a cargo jacket when I blogged about my fall coats post.  It took me longer then I thought it would to find a cargo jacket that I like as well as didn’t look too masculine. Actually this was sent to me in a stitchfix box, and I was surprised by how much I like it.

Cargo jackets and this army green are weirdly very in right now, I was not sure about it but requested the olive color in my style box so I could try it out with out any commitment.  The only item I kept was this jacket. Now I wasn’t really sure about this to begin with.  The reason I kept it and really like it is when I cuffed the sleeves there is this striped pattern that shows.  This add a more feminine feel to the jacket that is otherwise pretty masculine.  I probably will not wear this jacket without the sleeves rolled I just don’t think it will look as good.

I like to wear this bumming or running errands, it has such great pockets that if I wanted to I would not need to bring a purse.  When I was running errands I just put my keys, wallet and phone in the pockets and was on my way.  This is not something that I can typically do even when wearing jackets, many women’s jackets do not have large pockets (which is dumb).

I also wore this out when it was snowing these huge snow flakes, I paired it with a fleece jacket under it.  But I just felt really cool walking around in this jacket while there were really big snowflakes falling around me.  It was awesome.  I learned that the jacket is also pretty water resistant.  During said snow storm where I was out and about I got into a snowball fight with some friends and for the jacket not being a winter coat it did amazing.  I wasn’t even cold that day, the temp was hovering around 30 degrees so not that cold.

Let me know your thoughts


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