In my Red High Heels

Hello Hello!! Ok so the heels are actually more burgundy, but that’s a form of red, right?  I have always wanted a pair of red heels, all my adult life I have kind of kept an eye out for a pair I thought would be great.  When any women wears a pair of red heels they make a statement and that women walks around with this extra confidence.  For me when I wear these red heels I know I am making a statement and walk with an additional confidence.


I am sure you have seen these in previous blog posts, I have delayed talking about them since I wanted to make sure they were good heels before I told you guys about them.  These heels are actually much better then expected because they keep getting more comfortable.  So when I first tried them on I figured out where they were potentially going to be an issue and stretched them out in my apartment. Then I moved to wearing them while out at the bars.  The first time I wore them out with friends when I got home my feet were done, but no blisters.  The next time I wore them out my feet didn’t even hurt while I was out, and I even gave away my pair of fast flats to a friend who need them more than I.

Prior to ordering these shoes I was looking at my heels that are on a shelf in my closet and realized I have a lot of black and nude but no real colors.  Which kind of comes up as an issue since I have been tending to wear a lot of black outfits out.  When I saw these shoes I was like these will be perfect and they will work exceptionally well when I wear black/ white outfits.  As well as I really love this color right now, its not super in your face red but the heels still make that statement of red heels. I am actually super happy about these heels and excited to work them into my wardrobe more (you know once winter is over).

Here are a few of the outfits I have worn these with.

The right was the first time I wore the shoes, and I wore them to work and brought a back up pair of flats, flats were needed.  Then the middle outfit I wore them out and was able to wear them all night just started to hurt towards the end.  Left was last week, I wore them to my holiday party and had no issues at all.

These heels where kind of a spur of the moment buy, I almost bought them on Nordstrom’s and then checked Amazon and not only were they $20 cheaper but they were on prime so I got them delivered in 2 days (much faster then the alternative).  I linked the Amazon one, I do realize these are expensive heels but for a good pair of heels that do not cause your feet to cry, I think they are worth the investment.

Let me know your thoughts


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