Holiday Party outfit

Hello hello!!  Last night was my company holiday party, this is one event I really look forward to.  The company always caters a really great dinner and they give away gifts.  I always have a good time hanging out with my co-workers without the work stress.  (As a side note I won one of the prizes, too bad it was a mans shaving gift set…)

To get to the real reason I love the holiday party, this is an event that allows me to get dressed up in cocktail attire.  These events are few and far between when there are no weddings to attend.  I thought for a minute about going out and buying a new dress but then looked at my closet and thought I could find a great dress in here.

Oh do I love a great little black dress, and this is one of my favorites. I bought this dress from ASOS a few years ago and have just not had a lot of opportunities to wear it.  Now every time I take it for a night out I am reminded of how amazing of a dress this is.  I love this dress, it kind of runs under the radar with the laser cut lace detailing that can be hard to see and the high neckline.  But what really makes this dress amazing is the open back.  I love to show off my back, I feel like showing off my back is this way to be subtle sexy.  I just love this dress and walk with so much confidence in it.

Now the issue and debate I was having, is the open back too much for a work function?  I usually like to be aware of who is at these events and dress appropriately, which at this event includes the VP of HR.  So originally I went with no, this shows off too much skin to consider to wear to work.  I actually brought a white blazer to wear with this to cover up the open back while I was at the dinner.  As I walked into the dinner I saw a lot of dresses that showed off a lot more skin then mine did and I just made the decision I was not going to wear the blazer all night, because I felt like it took away from the dress.

Accessories!! I love accessories and putting thought into picking them out and then seeing the end result.  But first and fore most I think I need to mention the bra I wore, as that is a big issue for a lot of women when wearing a backless dress.  Last week I went on Amazon and kind of looked around for an adhesive bra that 1. would stay on, and 2. be comfortable.  I found this bra, and I was remarkably impressed with how well this one worked.  I do have a smaller chest and I know that is one of the reasons that I can wear backless dresses, but this bra was amazing.


I paired this black dress with some colorful accessories because you do need to add some color.  I wore these deep red pumps that I have been on the fence about but after last night these are great and added a little touch of color (will do a blog about them later).  And to really mix it up I used a light pink envelope clutch that I don’t think clashes with the shoes.  To highlight my waist a little bit more I wore this double buckled belt.  As the neck is so high I went for bigger earring and no necklace, you can see those more in the pic on the right.


Let me know your thoughts


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