Work Pants

Ah yes work pants, yea they are not my favorite part of my wardrobe either.  But I decided to talk about them today well because I actually wore a pair of my work pants today.  To be very honest this is the first time I wore work pants to work in like 8/9 months, and it reminded me about all my opinions on them.

So first I will start off by saying that I really like this outfit and for me it was actually very comfortable for me to wear all day.  This outfit did a few things for me, the wide leg of the pants, the tucked in shirt and the booted heels I wore gave the effect of me having very long legs.  I felt much taller today then I have even when I wear heels.  I felt like a real woman boss today while I attended meetings (for the record I was not running meetings), this outfit just made me feel powerful.  The outfit just gave me such confidence, I walked tall all day.

Now my opinions on work pants-  I am super picky when I am looking for work pants and I have requirements for me to even try them on.  First and fore most I do not want my pants to be tight, I do not want to be wearing skinny jeans as business pants I just do not feel this is professional.  Women out there I am sure you are aware this is actually a really hard requirement.  Secondly, I will not buy any pants that do not have real pockets, either in front or in back, this is an annoyance to me.  These are pants and pants should have pockets but many women’s work pants will put stitching on like there are pockets but there are none.

The pair I am wearing are probably the best work pants I have ever owned, they have great front pockets and are lose from the thigh down.  I have tried very hard to find this exact pair again but have never found them, tried at numerous stores and online.  I wish I had some recommendations for you on this but as I don’t wear them very often I have not shopped for them in a long time.

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