My gift review

What What!! Hello world, holiday season has past and now I can talk about what I got for as gifts from my family and bought for my friends.  I am excited to talk about this because I love the things I was given.  How do you love everything you got?  Well that is super easy, I sent out links to my family for exactly what I wanted, no confusion here.

So the main gifts I got.

My parents bought me these and they are the best.  They are exactly what I wanted and I actually did not think I would get both of them so I was surprised and excited when I opened the packages.  So I have been looking for a new peacoat just to add variety to my wardrobe.  I was looking for one that had a color and would make a statement.  I found this one and when I was looking at it I loved the color and how it stood out.  This is a website I am unfamilar with so I asked for it as a present (then if something happened it would just be a gift lost) but it came without issues and it is really great.  The coat looks amazing paired with almost any outfit and I am excited to wear it out. As a note this does run a little bit small and tight in the arms, I ordered a size up, medium,  as I usually do with coats and it fits really well. I am still looking for a really great caramel colored coat but that will be for another time.

The leather tote bag is like a mystical object that is out there and looks so good but finding one at a reasonable price is beyond hard.  I endeavored to find one at a reasonable price as the one I was looking at came in around $180, which for me is a little expensive for a purse.  This lead me to Amazon and this leather tote which I currently am loving to look at.  This bag is so beautiful and the leather is so nice I am just enjoying the bag.  I am excited to start using it, since it is winter I have been keeping it indoors but that will change.  My major plan is to use this while traveling because the inside of the tote has so many pockets and will be great for organizing.

What what, I am loving this holiday season for these presents alone and I probably would not need anything else to be satisfied.  The other gifts I got are enroute as I did not make it home for the holidays, but I do know I am getting some jewelry, wallet and decor for my apartment.  I will share when I get them because I am sure they will be great.

As my sister and I are basically the same person, over Thanksgiving when I was home I figured out that my sister wanted the same $180 bag that I was looking at. Now I did not buy her the same one because that would be weird but I got her this in a caramel color.  She liked it so I killed the present game.  I am so excited about these totes they are amazing.

Let me know your thoughts


Getting Ready for NYE

Hello Hello!! Now that Christmas is over I can start thinking about New Years Eve plans and more importantly an NYE outfit.  When I think of the perfect NYE outfit I think of a tight sequin dress.  Now this is not my usual style and I personally don’t think I look my best in this outfit.  So this year I decided before I went out and bought a dress that I would probably only get one use out of, maybe I should check my closet to see if I have an outfit I could wear.

I found 2 outfits that I think will work out both are dresses/ skirts, I did think about wearing skinny jean as I do live in the Great White North but I can do that any time I go out.  And on New Years my goal is to dress up fancy and go out.

(Please ignore my hair and lack of jewelry, when I have free time I like to try on my clothes).  I bought this black lace dress a few months ago because it is a staple of any wardrobe and I didn’t have one.   This dress is lace all over, tight (but with room to breath) and this back.  The reason I bought this dress was due to the back, which from my waist up only has lace covering which looks amazing.  (It didn’t picture as well as I wanted it to). I  plan to pair it with my new red pumps.

This is my second outfit I tried on for NYE, to me it feels a little bit more grown up since its not skin tight but also has the peekaboo going on with the skin showing on the bralette top.  I like this skirt because I don’t have to worry about it riding up all night and as you can see it has pockets.  As you can see I was having a debate about what shoes to wear, the pumps or the over the knee boots.  I think the pumps look better with the outfit and show off my legs, but I felt like trying on the boots just because it is cold here and it would be nice to have my leg covered.

Let me know your thoughts on the outfits and if you have any questions


Cargo Jacket

Hello, hello!!  I want to share this cargo jacket I bought and talk about why I really like it.   I talked about looking for a cargo jacket when I blogged about my fall coats post.  It took me longer then I thought it would to find a cargo jacket that I like as well as didn’t look too masculine. Actually this was sent to me in a stitchfix box, and I was surprised by how much I like it.

Cargo jackets and this army green are weirdly very in right now, I was not sure about it but requested the olive color in my style box so I could try it out with out any commitment.  The only item I kept was this jacket. Now I wasn’t really sure about this to begin with.  The reason I kept it and really like it is when I cuffed the sleeves there is this striped pattern that shows.  This add a more feminine feel to the jacket that is otherwise pretty masculine.  I probably will not wear this jacket without the sleeves rolled I just don’t think it will look as good.

I like to wear this bumming or running errands, it has such great pockets that if I wanted to I would not need to bring a purse.  When I was running errands I just put my keys, wallet and phone in the pockets and was on my way.  This is not something that I can typically do even when wearing jackets, many women’s jackets do not have large pockets (which is dumb).

I also wore this out when it was snowing these huge snow flakes, I paired it with a fleece jacket under it.  But I just felt really cool walking around in this jacket while there were really big snowflakes falling around me.  It was awesome.  I learned that the jacket is also pretty water resistant.  During said snow storm where I was out and about I got into a snowball fight with some friends and for the jacket not being a winter coat it did amazing.  I wasn’t even cold that day, the temp was hovering around 30 degrees so not that cold.

Let me know your thoughts


In my Red High Heels

Hello Hello!! Ok so the heels are actually more burgundy, but that’s a form of red, right?  I have always wanted a pair of red heels, all my adult life I have kind of kept an eye out for a pair I thought would be great.  When any women wears a pair of red heels they make a statement and that women walks around with this extra confidence.  For me when I wear these red heels I know I am making a statement and walk with an additional confidence.


I am sure you have seen these in previous blog posts, I have delayed talking about them since I wanted to make sure they were good heels before I told you guys about them.  These heels are actually much better then expected because they keep getting more comfortable.  So when I first tried them on I figured out where they were potentially going to be an issue and stretched them out in my apartment. Then I moved to wearing them while out at the bars.  The first time I wore them out with friends when I got home my feet were done, but no blisters.  The next time I wore them out my feet didn’t even hurt while I was out, and I even gave away my pair of fast flats to a friend who need them more than I.

Prior to ordering these shoes I was looking at my heels that are on a shelf in my closet and realized I have a lot of black and nude but no real colors.  Which kind of comes up as an issue since I have been tending to wear a lot of black outfits out.  When I saw these shoes I was like these will be perfect and they will work exceptionally well when I wear black/ white outfits.  As well as I really love this color right now, its not super in your face red but the heels still make that statement of red heels. I am actually super happy about these heels and excited to work them into my wardrobe more (you know once winter is over).

Here are a few of the outfits I have worn these with.

The right was the first time I wore the shoes, and I wore them to work and brought a back up pair of flats, flats were needed.  Then the middle outfit I wore them out and was able to wear them all night just started to hurt towards the end.  Left was last week, I wore them to my holiday party and had no issues at all.

These heels where kind of a spur of the moment buy, I almost bought them on Nordstrom’s and then checked Amazon and not only were they $20 cheaper but they were on prime so I got them delivered in 2 days (much faster then the alternative).  I linked the Amazon one, I do realize these are expensive heels but for a good pair of heels that do not cause your feet to cry, I think they are worth the investment.

Let me know your thoughts


Woah another date?

I know I know, nothing for like 6 months and now I am a frequenter of going out to eat in a dateish format.  Haha but what can I say, once I feel I am too busy to date is when people start asking me out.  Regardless I still love going into my closet and picking out clothes to wear out.

In case anyone forgot it has gotten super cold here so wearing skirts and dresses has become a real tough decision.  So this time around I went for a more classic look of jeans, a black shirt and I wore a casual blazer as a cardigan. (I have been looking for blazers that can be used both for work and going out.)

This is an outfit most women can pull off, get a great pair of skinny jeans, and a black shirt and you have this outfit.  Pair them with some boots to complete the outfit.  The outfit gives off a out together yet casual vibe that works well for week night dates like the one I went on the other night.  To dress the outfit up I added this really great statement necklace that just sparkles, its one of my favorites.

Let me know your thoughts


Holiday Party outfit

Hello hello!!  Last night was my company holiday party, this is one event I really look forward to.  The company always caters a really great dinner and they give away gifts.  I always have a good time hanging out with my co-workers without the work stress.  (As a side note I won one of the prizes, too bad it was a mans shaving gift set…)

To get to the real reason I love the holiday party, this is an event that allows me to get dressed up in cocktail attire.  These events are few and far between when there are no weddings to attend.  I thought for a minute about going out and buying a new dress but then looked at my closet and thought I could find a great dress in here.

Oh do I love a great little black dress, and this is one of my favorites. I bought this dress from ASOS a few years ago and have just not had a lot of opportunities to wear it.  Now every time I take it for a night out I am reminded of how amazing of a dress this is.  I love this dress, it kind of runs under the radar with the laser cut lace detailing that can be hard to see and the high neckline.  But what really makes this dress amazing is the open back.  I love to show off my back, I feel like showing off my back is this way to be subtle sexy.  I just love this dress and walk with so much confidence in it.

Now the issue and debate I was having, is the open back too much for a work function?  I usually like to be aware of who is at these events and dress appropriately, which at this event includes the VP of HR.  So originally I went with no, this shows off too much skin to consider to wear to work.  I actually brought a white blazer to wear with this to cover up the open back while I was at the dinner.  As I walked into the dinner I saw a lot of dresses that showed off a lot more skin then mine did and I just made the decision I was not going to wear the blazer all night, because I felt like it took away from the dress.

Accessories!! I love accessories and putting thought into picking them out and then seeing the end result.  But first and fore most I think I need to mention the bra I wore, as that is a big issue for a lot of women when wearing a backless dress.  Last week I went on Amazon and kind of looked around for an adhesive bra that 1. would stay on, and 2. be comfortable.  I found this bra, and I was remarkably impressed with how well this one worked.  I do have a smaller chest and I know that is one of the reasons that I can wear backless dresses, but this bra was amazing.


I paired this black dress with some colorful accessories because you do need to add some color.  I wore these deep red pumps that I have been on the fence about but after last night these are great and added a little touch of color (will do a blog about them later).  And to really mix it up I used a light pink envelope clutch that I don’t think clashes with the shoes.  To highlight my waist a little bit more I wore this double buckled belt.  As the neck is so high I went for bigger earring and no necklace, you can see those more in the pic on the right.


Let me know your thoughts


Work Pants

Ah yes work pants, yea they are not my favorite part of my wardrobe either.  But I decided to talk about them today well because I actually wore a pair of my work pants today.  To be very honest this is the first time I wore work pants to work in like 8/9 months, and it reminded me about all my opinions on them.

So first I will start off by saying that I really like this outfit and for me it was actually very comfortable for me to wear all day.  This outfit did a few things for me, the wide leg of the pants, the tucked in shirt and the booted heels I wore gave the effect of me having very long legs.  I felt much taller today then I have even when I wear heels.  I felt like a real woman boss today while I attended meetings (for the record I was not running meetings), this outfit just made me feel powerful.  The outfit just gave me such confidence, I walked tall all day.

Now my opinions on work pants-  I am super picky when I am looking for work pants and I have requirements for me to even try them on.  First and fore most I do not want my pants to be tight, I do not want to be wearing skinny jeans as business pants I just do not feel this is professional.  Women out there I am sure you are aware this is actually a really hard requirement.  Secondly, I will not buy any pants that do not have real pockets, either in front or in back, this is an annoyance to me.  These are pants and pants should have pockets but many women’s work pants will put stitching on like there are pockets but there are none.

The pair I am wearing are probably the best work pants I have ever owned, they have great front pockets and are lose from the thigh down.  I have tried very hard to find this exact pair again but have never found them, tried at numerous stores and online.  I wish I had some recommendations for you on this but as I don’t wear them very often I have not shopped for them in a long time.

Jeans Shopping

Jean shopping is the worst, I dread it and have to try to get myself pumped up to go shopping for jeans.  I like to believe this is the case for most women.  My issues shopping for jeans are that most sizes for women are all over the place and a lot of brands go by numbers (0, 2, 4, 6, etc) instead of by waist and length.  A size at one store will be radically different then the same size at another store and different styles in that same store won’t even be consistent in sizing.  Usually when I jean shop I end of feeling really self-conscious about my thighs and butt.

A few years ago  I found this really great pair of jeans, they fit me like a glove, and really make me feel so confident when I wear them.  So this magical pair of jeans is wearing out and I have known for a while that I was going to have to replace them but I just wanted this exact pair again.  The jeans are Levi’s jeans bold curve, and I bought them at a department store.  I went to the Levi store and ask the sales associate for this exact pair and I didn’t even care if it was the same color.  They told me Levi stopped doing the curve ID and had switched to strictly numbers, at this point I thought the whole trip was a waste.  But one of the other sales associates guided me to the 300 numbered jeans and said these would be the closest and would fit me best.

Actually this jeans shopping experience was not as awful as previous times and I ended up buying 2 pairs a black one and a medium wash pair.

Alright so these are them, I decided a few years ago that I would only buy one brand of jeans in order to take the guess work and horrible experiences out of jean shopping.  Since my favorite pair was Levis it made sense to stick with them, they also do the very logical thing of sizing by waist and length.  I am between sizes on both waist and length so I tried on like 8 pairs of jeans, but they all fit it was just a debate of which fit better.

My recommendation for picking jeans is make sure they have some give to them and that you are able to do more then what you want them to do.  So when I am in the dressing room trying on jeans I want to make sure if I bend over they still cover me.  I will also try to sit in them how I normally do- cross my legs, sit cross legged and sitting on one leg.  On top of these I will also do some squats and lunges.  I really want to make sure I can move in them.

I do love Levis- I especially recommend these 300 jeans for women who are curvier, I think they really provide good coverage and fit well.  I have thicker thighs and a larger butt that tend to make jean shopping a horrible experience but this was not one of those.  I even convinced my sister to at least try on a pair of these 300 and she also ended up buying a pair.

I did not link anything because jeans are something that you really need to try on.  I am an avid online shopper and I will not buy jeans online.

Let me know your thoughts


Wait, you had a date?

Yes, yes I did!  And now lets all take a minute to look at the date category and reminisce about the last time I had a date.  Haha, it was awhile ago, please feel free to find it humorous, I certainly do.  I do not go on dates often but I love dressing for a date, you can dress up a little bit without having to go super fancy of a more formal event.

I was way more excited about my outfit then I was about the actual date so who knows about any future dates at this point.  But seriously the outfit, I was planning this in my head earlier in the day before this skirt even got delivered.  I wanted to wear this skirt and these boots so badly, but they do come off as dressy so I was really looking for a shirt to down play that.  I went with this cute plaid shirt that I rolled up the sleeves on and gave it a more casual vibe.

This skirt, is amazing and I loved wearing it on the date.  I think it worked really well and gave off the casual but stylish vibe I always go for.  I want to look put together and fashionable but still be chill at the same time, especially on first dates.  This outfit accomplished that, the skirt is tweed and gives off a very put together vibe.  Paired with some over the knee boots and the plaid shirt gave the outfit the fashionable and casual look that I was going for.  I cannot wait to wear this outfit again, as well as the skirt and boots separately.  They are both very new and I am excited about them.

As a side note about this skirt it is great for every day as well as a date, it has an elastic waist so it will fit at your waist perfectly.  The fit of the skirt is A-line so it will compliment most women’s figures, while also not being too tight.  And best of all IT HAS POCKETS!! Pockets that you can actually fits stuff in which was a very nice surprise when I opened my package

I paired the skirt with my brand new over the knee boots, which really elongated my legs, I actually felt like my legs were longer in this outfit.  This was really nice because as I have stated it is cold here so having boots that came up over my knees and almost met the bottom of my skirt was amazing when I was outside.

So the skirt is only available in a few sizes, yea I know super sad… But I did see these other skirts that are similar and come in a bunch of colors, including black.  Also I would size down they seem to run large and they have an elastic waist so for more usage I recommend a smaller size.

Let me know your thoughts