Layering is key to winter travel

Hello world!! Winter weather has finally  arrived and cold weather has set in (at least where I am from it has).  So holidays are coming and travel plans have been made, I am currently traveling home for Thanksgiving.  Winter travel outfits are all about layering, and takes a bit more strategy.

My strategy is all about wearing my bulkiest clothing on the flight instead of packing them.  So usually what I do is go into my closet and get all the clothes I want to bring home and as I start packing I will separate my bulkier clothes.  So usually I am always wearing a pair of jeans and then it will be paired with one of my sweaters and obviously a pair of boots (boots are the worst to pack).

So traveling yesterday obviously the staples of my winter traveling- jeans and knee high boots.  I wore this with a grey sweater and a white fuzzy vest, both of these would have been really hard to pack.  If I didn’t wear the vest I probably would not have brought it home, the bags were pretty full.  This vest adds additional warmth, especially on my flights which no matter what season it is I am always cold on my flights.

I love this outfit because it is really comfortable and very functional.  This allows me to bring home some additional clothing options without needing to pack them.  The vest just makes me so happy because it is so fuzzy and it is like wearing a blanket.

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