A Night on the Town

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and absolutely nothing blue.  (haha I just really wanted to say that).  Anyways lately I have been choosing what to wear based on the jacket I want to wear out, and then I have to remember if I wore it out last weekend.

So as stated I started by picking out the jacket, I love this jacket and I have been wanting to wear it out.  It is also pretty new  (Now I wouldn’t suggest doing picking an outfit like this makes things a little bit harder).  As this is a burgandy coat I went into my closet with the goal of finding something grey/black, harder then anticipated as I wore my favorite black shirt last week.  As I was thinking about what to wear I could not think of a great shirt to wear, I already decided on dark jeans.

I went into my closet looking for a shirt I could wear that wasn’t the one I wore last week.  I found this grey shirt kind of at the back of my closet, it is a shirt that I bought in college and every time I go through my closet I think about giving it away.  I am not sure what kept my from putting it in the give away pile.  This shirt is very fitted and scoops low in the back to expose most of my upper back, this is probably the reason I kept it I love shirts that have open backs. As it is so tight I decided to wear it tucked into the jeans so that my figure is accentuated.

As the outfit as a whole was really tight it felt perfect to wear this jacket that is a little bit oversized so I was covered up when I wanted to be.  I paired the entire thing with these new high-heels in red, I am still breaking them in so I can’t say for sure if they are the best but I have high hopes.

I just loved this outfit so here are some more pics, let me know your thoughts.


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