This outfit

Do you ever walk down the street and know you look good?  I don’t mean that in a conceded way, its just that sometimes I wear an outfit that I feel amazing in when I walk down the street.  It just gives me that extra confidence and starts my day off right.  Today I wore one of those outfits, I didn’t even realize it at first, but when I walked into work I just felt good.

So this is the outfit that made me feel so confident


I felt the most confident when I was leaving work (may have had something to do with it), but when I was walking home, I had my trench coat open and sunglasses on and I just felt great.  I love walking around the city with my trench coat unbuttoned and open so you can peak at the outfit underneath.  It just has a very chic vibe to me.  The trench paired with my tight work dress and knee high boots somehow worked when I was walking.  (I admit I glanced at myself in windows)  I even thought my knees looked good when I saw them, first time I have ever said that.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the outfit that I wore at work today.  I didn’t wear the boots in the office because I thought it would be odd to just have my knees as the only skin showing.  So I only wore the boots walking to/ from work so that they would keep my calves warm and changed into some flats at my desk.


This is the outfit I wore at work and it is more of your typical business casual. Sometimes in the middle of winter I will wear this dress with tights and boots all day.  But as of today it is still a little bit warm out to wear tights and boots all day.

Confidence is key to rocking any outfit, remember that.  If you think you look good, rock it with your head held high.

Let me know your thoughts.


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