The best V-neck T-shirt

I wanted to make the title longer but felt like I would run out of space.  This is the best,  most comfortable subtly sexy T-shirt.  I may have blogged about this previously but I don’t think I did this shirt justice, so I wanted to share again because I get so many compliments on it when I wear it out.

(So obviously I have a distinct style when I am going out, skinny jeans and leather jackets).  But back to the reason we are here, this shirt is the best shirt you can possibly buy.  So I love it because the material it is made of is so soft, I always make people feel the shirt when they ask about it.  Then on top of that this shirt is sexy.  When I first bought it I really didn’t think so because pictures do not do it justice.  The straps in the front and the v dips in-between the boobs.  When I wear this shirt I have to wear it with a plunge demi bra because if I wore it with anything else, my boobs would be very out there (and I am not a chesty person by any stretch).

So why do I like to wear it out?  Well for the above reasons it is a great going out shirt because it is sexy.  Now I don’t just wear things because they are sexy, the real reason I wear this out is because it is comfortable.  The fabric is super soft and the shirt fits me a little loser around my stomach which I love when I wear skinny jeans.  I love it so much I am thinking about buying it in a different color.

This shirt would work for a lot of women because it will draw attention to your chest while sitting loser around your stomach.

The sizing is a little odd, so I wear a size 6


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