The perfect holiday dress

Hello People!  Today is Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate, Happy Thanksgiving) and the official start of the holiday season, at least in my mind.  I love to dress up during the holidays, you know show the family that you have your shit together.  I have found the perfect holiday dress.

I bought this dress a few months ago and have been just dying to wear it. I love the color, it pictures red but it is really a burgundy which I love.  This dress is great for this time of year for a few reasons.  First, it has long sleeves which is great, I feel like my arms are always cold in winter and even when I was outside taking these pictures I didn’t feel all that cold.  Second, this dress actually looks best when paired with tights, I went with basic black but patterned tights would also look amazing.  Finding a dress that can be worn with tights is vital to dressing up in winter.  Lastly, this dress is not tight, during Thanksgiving I love this because I eat so much food I would rather not be wearing a tight dress to show off my food baby.  I did add a belt but that is adjustable so I don’t count it.

I love to wear this dress because it is plain I can dress it up in any way that I want.  I added a great statement necklace and this double buckle belt to add some flare and details to the outfit.

This is a shift dress so it is cut straight down and does not have a defined waist at all.  This is a hard style for a lot of women to wear so most women need to be careful about fit when looking for a shift dress, especially if you have a stomach or large chest.  I really like this type of dress because it is lose and if I wanted a waist I can add it in with a belt wherever I want.


Layering is key to winter travel

Hello world!! Winter weather has finally  arrived and cold weather has set in (at least where I am from it has).  So holidays are coming and travel plans have been made, I am currently traveling home for Thanksgiving.  Winter travel outfits are all about layering, and takes a bit more strategy.

My strategy is all about wearing my bulkiest clothing on the flight instead of packing them.  So usually what I do is go into my closet and get all the clothes I want to bring home and as I start packing I will separate my bulkier clothes.  So usually I am always wearing a pair of jeans and then it will be paired with one of my sweaters and obviously a pair of boots (boots are the worst to pack).

So traveling yesterday obviously the staples of my winter traveling- jeans and knee high boots.  I wore this with a grey sweater and a white fuzzy vest, both of these would have been really hard to pack.  If I didn’t wear the vest I probably would not have brought it home, the bags were pretty full.  This vest adds additional warmth, especially on my flights which no matter what season it is I am always cold on my flights.

I love this outfit because it is really comfortable and very functional.  This allows me to bring home some additional clothing options without needing to pack them.  The vest just makes me so happy because it is so fuzzy and it is like wearing a blanket.

A Night on the Town

Something old, something new, nothing borrowed and absolutely nothing blue.  (haha I just really wanted to say that).  Anyways lately I have been choosing what to wear based on the jacket I want to wear out, and then I have to remember if I wore it out last weekend.

So as stated I started by picking out the jacket, I love this jacket and I have been wanting to wear it out.  It is also pretty new  (Now I wouldn’t suggest doing picking an outfit like this makes things a little bit harder).  As this is a burgandy coat I went into my closet with the goal of finding something grey/black, harder then anticipated as I wore my favorite black shirt last week.  As I was thinking about what to wear I could not think of a great shirt to wear, I already decided on dark jeans.

I went into my closet looking for a shirt I could wear that wasn’t the one I wore last week.  I found this grey shirt kind of at the back of my closet, it is a shirt that I bought in college and every time I go through my closet I think about giving it away.  I am not sure what kept my from putting it in the give away pile.  This shirt is very fitted and scoops low in the back to expose most of my upper back, this is probably the reason I kept it I love shirts that have open backs. As it is so tight I decided to wear it tucked into the jeans so that my figure is accentuated.

As the outfit as a whole was really tight it felt perfect to wear this jacket that is a little bit oversized so I was covered up when I wanted to be.  I paired the entire thing with these new high-heels in red, I am still breaking them in so I can’t say for sure if they are the best but I have high hopes.

I just loved this outfit so here are some more pics, let me know your thoughts.


This outfit

Do you ever walk down the street and know you look good?  I don’t mean that in a conceded way, its just that sometimes I wear an outfit that I feel amazing in when I walk down the street.  It just gives me that extra confidence and starts my day off right.  Today I wore one of those outfits, I didn’t even realize it at first, but when I walked into work I just felt good.

So this is the outfit that made me feel so confident


I felt the most confident when I was leaving work (may have had something to do with it), but when I was walking home, I had my trench coat open and sunglasses on and I just felt great.  I love walking around the city with my trench coat unbuttoned and open so you can peak at the outfit underneath.  It just has a very chic vibe to me.  The trench paired with my tight work dress and knee high boots somehow worked when I was walking.  (I admit I glanced at myself in windows)  I even thought my knees looked good when I saw them, first time I have ever said that.

The funny thing is that this isn’t even the outfit that I wore at work today.  I didn’t wear the boots in the office because I thought it would be odd to just have my knees as the only skin showing.  So I only wore the boots walking to/ from work so that they would keep my calves warm and changed into some flats at my desk.


This is the outfit I wore at work and it is more of your typical business casual. Sometimes in the middle of winter I will wear this dress with tights and boots all day.  But as of today it is still a little bit warm out to wear tights and boots all day.

Confidence is key to rocking any outfit, remember that.  If you think you look good, rock it with your head held high.

Let me know your thoughts.


The best V-neck T-shirt

I wanted to make the title longer but felt like I would run out of space.  This is the best,  most comfortable subtly sexy T-shirt.  I may have blogged about this previously but I don’t think I did this shirt justice, so I wanted to share again because I get so many compliments on it when I wear it out.

(So obviously I have a distinct style when I am going out, skinny jeans and leather jackets).  But back to the reason we are here, this shirt is the best shirt you can possibly buy.  So I love it because the material it is made of is so soft, I always make people feel the shirt when they ask about it.  Then on top of that this shirt is sexy.  When I first bought it I really didn’t think so because pictures do not do it justice.  The straps in the front and the v dips in-between the boobs.  When I wear this shirt I have to wear it with a plunge demi bra because if I wore it with anything else, my boobs would be very out there (and I am not a chesty person by any stretch).

So why do I like to wear it out?  Well for the above reasons it is a great going out shirt because it is sexy.  Now I don’t just wear things because they are sexy, the real reason I wear this out is because it is comfortable.  The fabric is super soft and the shirt fits me a little loser around my stomach which I love when I wear skinny jeans.  I love it so much I am thinking about buying it in a different color.

This shirt would work for a lot of women because it will draw attention to your chest while sitting loser around your stomach.

The sizing is a little odd, so I wear a size 6


Over The Knee Boots

Hello World!  Now this is not going to be like my normal posts and I apologize but I am annoyed with the fashion industry and their standards of ridiculously small.

I have wanted over the knee boots since I was in high school and I promised myself that when I bought them they would be great boots worthy of their price tag.  So finally in the real world I have some extra money to buy a great pair of these boots and make myself super excited.  I saw a style that I wanted and started to look online, I measured my calf because that is a big deal, and found the ones I thought would be best.  (For the record mine is 15 1/2″ which I like to think is average).

I bought these boots from Sole Society and I was so excited – I raced home over lunch to try them on and that excitement lasted until I tried them on.  They would not fit over my calves, my mood nose- dived so fast, I could have sworn I checked into this.  I went on their website and weirdly they do not list the calf circumference they will fit around, on boots who does that?  So then I was really annoyed and realized they do not list that on any of their boots and when I send them back they charge me for shipping, (are you kidding me?)

So this started me on the journey that got me to really annoyed.  I immediately started looking for another pair of boots and paid special attention to what calves they will fit over.  So I checked out some normal shoes places- DSW, Zappos – and realized most boots only fit up to a 15″ calf and some their large calf selection were up to 15″.  What if you are wearing jeans?  How tiny of a calf do you need in order to be able to wear these boots?

Then I switched to looking at the websites for my favorite shoes and looking at their over the knee boot selection.  This brought me to Kristen Cavallari by Chinese Laundry and my tag question.  The boots that Kristen Cavallari designed have a maximum circumference of 13″, are you kidding me?  Kristen, do you even have 13″ calves?  And this brought me to the point of super annoyed and I had to stop.

I am not calling out any woman who has 13″ calves and can wear these boots, more power to you.  I am very jealous you are able to wear these boots and I am stuck here with my calves that all of a sudden the industry has made me think are extra large.  I just work out and my calves reflect that and I just want a pair of boots that will pull over my athletic calves.

Sorry about the rant, I posted because I figured a lot of people could relate.  I will have updates because I am still looking for a great pair of over the knee boots, I cannot disappoint my high school self.