Foundation Pieces- women’s work attire

Hello People!  So these last few weeks I have been thinking about what makes my work wardrobe work?  So I thought about the pieces of clothing that I wear most often and allow me the freedom in my work wardrobe.  They are a starting point that you can build off of with other pieces and they elevate the wardrobe.  They can all be paired with a lot of different tops and accessories to be worn to work.  These are the articles of clothing that I would not be able to function without.

Pencil skirt-

A women’s work wardrobe would not be complete without a pencil skirt.  As you guys know I own a few of these and I wear at least one of them once a week. I love my pencil skirts because they can be paired with so many different tops, both expensive and cheap, and make them very work appropriate.  I highly recommend investing in a really great pencil skirt.  Now I know pencil skirts how can they be comfortable, well it will not be easy but you do have to spend some time looking for the correct one.

Now when trying to find this perfect skirt be sure to test it out when you are in the store.  Don’t just walk around in the skirt, sit in, do some squats in it, try bending and snapping in it.  Might seem ridiculous but you are testing out your mobility in the skirt.  Trust me you want to be able to move in the skirt, because this will mean if you sit at a desk all day (like me) there will be more breathing room on your stomach.   I have had a lot of success at Ann Taylor Loft, I am not going to link any because I do think you need to try them on.  Not all pencil skirts are made equal.

A non-pencil skirt-

Now I think this skirt is necessary to have as an solid alternative to the pencil skirt.  Typically I would recommend this skirt be in a more fit and flare style just as a change up so you don’t have too many tight skirts.  I actually wear a lot of skirts that fit into this category but this one is the most versatile.  I think this is a necessary piece because it allows for more versatility.  As well as this type of skirt will also elevate any type of shirt to be work appropriate.  As an added bonus, Pockets!

This type of skirt is a little easier to buy, I would be much more likely to order this online then a pencil skirt.  All you really need to know is your waist measurement.  I got the best advice from an Etsy seller, measure the waist of your favorite skirt currently and order off that measurement.  This skirt is currently unavailable but its from Modcloth and they have a great selection of this type of skirt.  I found this one you would just need to remove the suspenders.

Classic/ versatile work dress-

Ahh the classic work dress that is simple and plan and clean.  I know I know, how boring?  I had the same thoughts about this exact dress when I got it.  My mom bought this for me when I got my job in the real world and for people who know me that was like a few years ago.  When my mom showed me this dress when we were shopping all I thought was how boring and that I would never wear that, but my mom really wanted to buy it for me so I let her.  I doubt I wore this in the first year I had it, but then I started to break it out of the closet and loved it.

Since it is kind of plain and simple, it can be paired with so many things.  I typically wear this with larger jewelry and a belt, in the winter I will pair it with a cardigan.  I would recommend everyone own one of these dress because it is so easy to throw on when you wake up late.  This dress is from Old Navy and I have had it for awhile, I did look and there are similar dresses here and here.

Let me know your thoughts and if you want any advice.


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