Fall Fashion- waterfall vests

What What? Waterfall vests!! I bought one last fall and didn’t wear it too much even though I really wanted to.  But guess what, they are still in style this fall so there is time to wear my vests.  Both of mine are fur lined and make me feel fancy when I wear them, as well as I end up rubbing the vests because they are so soft.  Now how do you style them without over powering your frame?  I am a short person so this is a concern for me.

Wear open- the first two are the most common way I have worn them.  The vest works out best when paired with shirts/ sweaters with long sleeves, as I have worn above with a light sweatshirt and a plaid 3/4 length sleeve.  This is a really great piece to layer with especially in fall when the weather can be a little bipolar, 40s in the morning and 70s in the afternoon.  These vests are warm but not overly hot as they do not have sleeves so they work in the morning to keep you warm but also in the evening you don’t sweat through your clothes.

Wear partially closed- the one on the right is worn partially closed to give you back your waist.  In this type of vest it is very easy to lose your waist and you can end up looking bigger.  In this one I used a pearl earring to use as a closure for the black vest, this worked better then expected as a closure.  I have also worn with a fancy belt and a dress for a great going out look, I just forgot to take a pic, sorry!

I have also worn the white vest as an accessory of sorts with my trench coat, I loved wearing it with the trench because it elevated the coat.  Adding the vest below made my ordinary trench coat look like a fantastic fur lined winter coat.


Let me know your thoughts,


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