All Over Lace Shirt

Hello World!  I have been looking for an all over lace top for a long time.  Over the summer I was looking for a white one but never found one that I really liked.  Last month I found an amazing all over lace shirt in burgundy (has been previously posted in the blog).  I wanted to share how I styled it for a few occasions.

Going out-

Ever since I bought this top I have been wanting to wear this shirt out without an undershirt.  I am so excited about who well this looked over the weekend.  I did have a long debate about what bra would be best to wear.  I didn’t want to wear just a normal bra, so I went through and tried my bralette but that goes down too far on my stomach so it looked weird.  After that I pulled out this boned demi bra that is wider then an average bra but still shows my stomach.  I think the affect was really cool and worked out exactly like I wanted it to. I paired it with dark wash jeans, nude heels and my black leather moto jacket.

Now this outfit really works for me because I am proud of my stomach and I have confidence wearing this outfit and showing it off.  I would not recommend this as an outfit everyone should/ can wear, but if you are proud of your stomach try it.  It felt very empowering and I walked around very confidently that night.


This is how I have mostly worn the shirt, with a black under shirt, light wash jeans and a pair of boots.  This gives off a very fall vibe and will work for going out with friends as well as on a casual day at work.  I really love this outfit and as you have probably seen I wear it often.  Something I have had a hard time showing when I wear this is the back.  The only part of the back that is together is where the zipper is so the lower back is very open.

This is a great outfit that I think a lot more people will be able to wear, it does cover your stomach and back, which most women want covered.  It also allows you to go more places, only so many places you can in the going out outfit.

Let me know your thoughts,


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