My week of Style Freedom

Hey hey hey!  This week has been great, a full week where I can fully be myself in my wardrobe at work, so basically casual ALL week.  Don’t get me wrong I love my work wardrobe I think I have amazing work clothes to wear. I just love when I can wear casual all week.  I know you guys agree being able to be casual and wear all my favorite clothes in a week instead of spacing them out for casual Fridays or working a few pieces in with my more work appropriate wear.

Anyways I thought I would show you my week of freedom at work that I am so excited about. This will be like a tour through my boot collection, as it is the fall.   As a note my work is pretty liberal about casual days so I can wear skinny jeans, which I love since I don’t own any other jeans.


Ah Monday, probably the worst day of the week, so I decided to start off the week with a bang.  I wore my new burgundy pants with this amazing animal printed shirt.  Then  I added one of my current favorite blazers to add a more business feel to the outfit.  Finished off with my trench coat, which looks great with almost anything.



I love this lace shirt and will take any opportunity I can too wear it.  This is one of my favorite outfits right now for the fall.  I love this lace shirt paired with jeans and my newest booties for a very fall look.  I pair the shirt with the lighter jeans to make the lace shirt stand out.


This was probably my favorite outfit I wore this week.  It kind of turned into 3 different outfits, each was unique in its own way.  I went with my classic dark skinny jeans and a pair of knee high grey boots that have a hidden heal.  I then added a plaid shirt, which I did not think I would be wearing a plaid shirt but I tried this one on and it fit great and looked amazing.  I added this great white vest that makes the plaid shirt less country, the inside is so fuzzy and feels so luxurious.  When I left for work I put on my trench coat and then pulled the vest partially through the front and it made this amazing outfit.  I loved how the white furry part of the vest made the trench coat look ultra luxurious.


This outfit is so much my style, black skinny jeans, knee high brown boots, a v-neck shirt that goes long and paired with this blanket cardigan.  I love wearing long t-shirts that will cover my butt when I wear skinny jeans, just sometimes I want some more coverage.  I love this cardigan, its so big and warm and has a great pattern on it, I can wear it with so many different outfits.  (As a side note I love these boots and will wear them all the time but they are super insulated and warm so some days I cannot wear them all day).



I had the hardest time dressing on Friday, I did not really know what to wear.  This was probably because I had way too much freedom the entire week that I struggled through the last day.  I wore my most comfortable pair of jeans and then kind of went into my closet looking for a work appropriate top that I could wear.  I found this top that I have not worn in like a year that I was like lets wear this.  Looking at it now I went for a dark navy look and paired with my fringe boots, wearing them for the first time this year.

img_20161014_174928_editedAll in all I love casual days and would like to have more of them but I get why work cannot let you run around the office in whatever you want.  Now technically it was not complete freedom in my wardrobe because I could not wear whatever I want.  I wore the outfit I have been dying to wear in a long time to dinner with friends.  I have been wanting to wear the leather jacket and v-neck shirt with the crosses straps in the front, so I decided to wear them both.  Paired with burgundy pants and my new pair of boots.

Let me know your thoughts



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